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Spreading Cheer – Photos from Our 2017 Santaride

Spreading Cheer – Photos from Our 2017 Santaride

My very first Santa-ride was a solo affair in 2010 – just me dressed like the big man cruising around on my DRZ. I don’t really remember what made me decide to buy the red suit and go for a ride in the first place. It really seems like a ridiculous idea. But, there is a special kind of magic in the ridiculous.

Over the years, what seemed like a good idea blossomed into a great idea when friends started to join in. Our little local Santa-ride has become something of a tradition. As new friends ride along and old friend watch from afar the feelings that come from doing it never change.

My favorite ADVelf:


There is a special moment, something akin to an awakening that happens across the face of a stranger when they see 10 motorcycle Santas. I kid you not, there is child-like elation that they cannot contain. The goal has always been to just ride around and spread cheer to the people on the roads. Happiness is a gift that everyone can use and it always fits.

I’ve said it for several years now – doing this, making someone’s day… is a gift you give yourself.

Hay, Santa! Cute Royal Enfield

Hay, Santa! Cute Royal Enfield

Here on Long Island we’ve been on a weather roller coaster for the past few weeks. Temperatures have ranged from a downright balmy 60 degrees in the days before Christmas to… 5 like it was this morning. We were also treated to a blizzard. Good times.

As Christmas approached I flitted about doing all sorts of stuff during my vacation. Like… riding motorcycles. Surprised? 🙂

I was poking through my phone and realized that I forgot to share this with you:

hay Santa and the Royal Enfield

Yes, it’s a hay Santa. A hay Santa!

Sometimes people will say something like ‘you have a knack for finding weird things’ to me. Do you think so? Or do they find me?

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