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One Motorcycle, Please – Hold the Salt

One Motorcycle, Please – Hold the Salt

Over the weekend I had a nice conversation with another motorcycle rider. He mentioned that he wasn’t riding because of the snow. That’s understandable – maybe he didn’t feel safe or didn’t have gear that would keep him comfortable enough. But as we talked some more, it sounded like he wasn’t fully sure he wanted to not be riding. I could hear the desire tugging at his heart.

During the conversation he also happened to mention the salt on the roads. I guess looking at my pants and boots illustrated the point that the roads were a mess. He asked me if I worried about it.

I guess I do and I don’t. Of course I don’t want my bike to be encrusted in the stuff. But, it is easy enough to wash it down when I get home. I can spend hours doing something I love and only have to put in 20 minutes worth of clean up? Not a bad trade, really.

salty pants and boots

I’m not a ‘hardcore’ motorcyclist. At all. I’m just… regular. I love to ride and try to squeeze that in where I can. Sometimes that means in conditions that are less than perfect but, eh, whattayagonnado? If you spend your life sitting around waiting for perfection you aren’t going to get a lot done.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

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