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Boondocking in Matewan, West Virginia

Boondocking in Matewan, West Virginia

In late April, we boondocked at the Devil’s Anse trailhead of the Hatfield McCoy Trails in Matewan, West Virginia. We were there for four days. That’s a lot of dog walks around town. These were some of the things that I saw while moseyin’ around.

Heading to Hancock – Packing Up and Rolling Out

Heading to Hancock – Packing Up and Rolling Out

For the last few years, Kenny has been going to the annual Hancock Quarry Run in Hancock, New York. Though it is listed as a dual sport, it is widely regarding as one of the most challenging, rocky ass-kickings in our local riding universe. As such, it’s not my cup o’ tea. I don’t have the skills required to not break my neck riding something like that. Hard work isn’t my idea of fun.

Though I wasn’t going to be riding the event, I decided to hitch a ride on the funwagon and spend 3 days riding around the area on dirt roads instead. A win-win. Kenny could ride his jackhammer ride and I could float around looking at clouds.

After loading up the Harvey at 0’dark-thirty we set off to knock out the 200 miles on the slab.

As we crossed the Throgs Neck Bridge, the sun was coming up.

Every time I ride across the Cross Bronx Expressway and see this mural I think, I wish I could grab a photo of that. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car actually has it’s perks. A little blurry, but it’ll do.

As we climbed the hills of Route 17 around the Monticello area, a silver fog settled in. The wheels of the RV hummed along paying it no mind.

Lilo wasn’t quite as enamored with all of the things that were passing in front of the great big windshield as I was. She kept asking if we were there yet with her eyes.

Because we left so early, we made it to the event field before 9am. We parked, set up and squared off with our friends. That left me with a whole day to get out and do a little exploring while Kenny made sure that his camp chair didn’t float away.