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California Love: Chasing Lightning on Route 58

California Love: Chasing Lightning on Route 58

By the time we’d pulled in to San Luis Obispo and found a hotel, the sun had packed it in for the night and a wet fog hung on Route 1. It had been a great day of riding.Goldie Ln on Route 58 - Just for George!

The following morning I woke up to the sound of steady rain tapping against the window. I got out of bed to look out the window but it was still dark. The only thing I could see were circles made by the rain falling in the lighted swimming pool below.

The rain stopped while Kenny and I packed up the bikes to get on our way. Thunder rolled over the mountains to the east. Hoping for the best, we set off on Route 58.
Riding along Route 58

The western side of 58 is a nice ride. It isn’t the most technical road but there is something I like about riding it’s curves through the golden hills. There is a sense of peacefulness about it.

Tshirts on route 58

Well,.. except for the place where the people from the Hills Have Eyes live. Kenny surmised that the shirts were trophies from hapless travelers that stopped on the road, never to be seen again. I didn’t really want to test his theory so on we motored, continuing east.

The fields were so dry. There was a large section that stretched out, burned black from the roadway far up into the mountains. It was a dramatic contrast with one side of the road being bright yellow and the other black.

burned fields on route 58

We kept skirting the edge of a nasty storm. It always seemed like it was just over the next hill. We watched as lightning danced from the clouds to our right.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared to be out there in the lightning. There was no shelter, no place to wait it out. At best, we could do nothing more than turn around to get away from the storm. As I mulled these things over, the road turned away from where the storm looked the darkest.

Then as we approached the town of McKittrick, the storm was right in front of us. Lightning began reaching down from the clouds and shaking hands with the ground.

Lightning on route 58 Lightning on route 58 Lightning on route 58

My heart was thumping away in my chest as I slowed to a stop. What to do, what to do?

While we sat on the side of the road, a tumbleweed rolled in front of us. It wasn’t waiting around to make any decisions, it was just getting the hell out of there… and so would we.

Not too excited about heading towards the lightning Oh crap.

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