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What’s Over That Last Hill? 20 Things I’ve Done in 2009

What’s Over That Last Hill? 20 Things I’ve Done in 2009

It’s that time of year when many of us start reflecting on the past 12 months that are coming to a close.

In 2009:

  1. I’ve learned a thing or two
  2. I went to Kentucky
  3. I found out why Pimmie is so awesome
  4. I said Goodbye to an old friend
  5. I Introduced Duc748 to a new one
  6. I like it better when you don’t think you know everything
  7. I further fortified the idea that you can find friendship in unexpected places
  8. I’ve unlearned a thing or two
  9. I was still working out my group riding demons
  10. I found out that your friends will still try to rope you into doing “dumb” things
  11. I have come to terms with my un-technical side, I can’t fix anything and don’t care to
  12. I didn’t wash my bike
  13. I found out that waterproof boots are what I’ve been searching for my entire life
  14. I began excitedly hatching a plan for a fall trip in 2010
  15. I got a new bike that made me really appreciate the Triumph
  16. I didn’t ride nearly as much as my imagination wanted me to
  17. I was happy to have Novos here
  18. I have been really happy for other people
  19. I saw some pretty excellent giant fiberglass vegetables, crustaceans, men and other assorted foods and animals
  20. I have loved that you’re still here reading and I thank you
Triumph Speed Triple and a Dirt Road
What comes next?

I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2010. Will it be a year of big changes, lots of road trips and good times with friends? I sure hope so.

This post is nothing without you:

  • What are your riding plans for 2010?
    New bike? Big trip?
    Let’s hear it!
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