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Your You and Someone Else’s You

Your You and Someone Else’s You

your you and someone elses you - which one is real - triumph bonneville

If you’re anything like me you don’t feel very interesting. You feel like… you. Normal every day you. Your you is the one that washes dishes, walks the dog and sits on boring conference calls.

The funny thing is, there is a you that exists outside of yourself. It isn’t your you, it’s someone else’s you. And while your version might feel small and powerless, what someone else sees in you from the outside is bigger, bolder and walks around fearlessly.

Which one is really you? Truth lays with the observer.

Have you ever looked at a friend who was saying not-so-nice things about themselves and thought, OMG, why are you being ridiculous? You’re smart and funny. You have interesting points of view. Not to mention, you’re beautiful and fascinating in your movement throughout the world. And you make me see things in ways I never thought of. I’ve learned so many things I never even knew I wanted to know from you. You make me happy.

Well? Chances are, people think those things about you, too.

Be nice to yourself today. Take a minute to observe your own greatness.

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