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I Have Officially Lost My Mind and Bought…

I Have Officially Lost My Mind and Bought…

Do you ever stop and ask yourself “why the hell not?” Is there really such a thing as a special occasion? When is it a good time to follow your heart? If not now, when?

That’s the mode of thinking that got me into this…

A 2012 Ural Patrol in orange & silver.

2012 Ural Patrol Orange

You’ll be glad to know that it matches my favorite purse.

For years I’ve kicked around the idea of a Ural, halfheartedly. It has always been one of those whims, those someday that would be cool sort of things. Never something that I researched or pursued.

But, you know? Life is so unpredictable.  Maybe someday down the road I wouldn’t have the money or the inclination or the resources to do it. So, I figured, why the hell not?  If not now, when?

On Sunday morning I mentioned to Kenny and Chloe that I was thinking about buying a Patrol. I kind of imagined my thoughts would have been met with something along the lines of “you what?” Instead, they were welcomed warmly with great enthusiasm. I think Chloe is more excited than anyone. My family is hands down, the biggest supporters of any of my hair-brained schemes. I’m very fortunate that way.

Last night to finally seal the deal of whether or not this was something I could or should do, I took a test ride on Catfish’s Ural. He told me point blank that it would be a love or hate affair. He wasn’t kidding. I could absolutely see why someone would hate it. And, how it could quirkly charm the pants off of you.

After reading for the past two days all about what it is like to pilot a sidecar rig, nothing could have prepared me for what it actually felt like. Terrifying but exciting is the best description I can muster for now.

It would do me a world of good to take a sidecar class but I haven’t found anything remotely local yet. If you have any resources or recommendations, I’d be happy to hear them. I’ll need lots of practice learning the ways of this machine.

I haven’t the slightest idea how this journey will unfold but I sure feel like finding out is worth the gamble. If I don’t like it, don’t want it anymore…I can sell it. But at least I will have given it a shot and I don’t have to sit back and wonder what it might have been like.

My orange egg is set to hatch on September 25th. That’s when it arrives from Russia, apparently. (I never imagined typing those words)  Unfortunately because of the Void Rally, I won’t be able to get up to Massachusetts to pick it up for nearly 2 weeks after that. It’s going to be a long wait but it’s just one more thing to look forward to.

Follow your heart, people. If not now, when?

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