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Road Tripping in Pennsylvania – Winding Road Next 10 Miles

Road Tripping in Pennsylvania – Winding Road Next 10 Miles

After I finished up my breakfast at the Wellsboro Diner, I set off west towards Galeton on Route 6. From there I would pick up 144 south and follow that towards Moshannon. Hanging a right on 879 north towards Karthaus and the Quehanna Highway, I was looking for Wykoff Run Rd.

Quehanna Highway? Karthaus? Why did I know these names?

Just a few miles in, I realized that I’d been there before while I was picking up three bonuses during the Mason-Dixon 2020 Rally. The most memorable was a tumbled down cemetery tucked in the woods called Keating Karthaus Road. (I’m glad I didn’t go there at night. I would have shit my pants.)

Wykoff Run Road was recommended in RoadRunner Magazine. After missing the turn even though I have voice prompting GPS (a talent, really) I doubled back and found this sign about a quarter-mile in:

winding road next 10 miles

And while this one may not be as exciting as the time I saw the greatest road sign in the world? I’ll still take it any day of the week.

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SPOT Tracker Reporting Gaps

SPOT Tracker Reporting Gaps

After picking up a few postcards and finishing up breakfast in Wellsboro, I set off west on 362 and 6 to pick up route 144 south in Galeton. I followed that all the way to down towards Moshannon where I picked up 879 to Karthaus.

But for someone like Kenny who was following my SPOT tracker, you wouldn’t have known that even though I have the tracker set to ping every 10 minutes.

I’m not sure why my SPOT started smoking crack in this particular area. If heaven forbid I really needed it during this leg, no one would’ve know where I actually was. That kind of defeats the purpose.

I didn’t move the device or do anything differently with it during this leg. Maybe central PA is the event horizon.


Road Tripping in Pennsylvania – Wandering to Breakfast in Wellsboro

Road Tripping in Pennsylvania – Wandering to Breakfast in Wellsboro

After my thwarted attempt at visiting with the Williamsport Whispering Giant, I didn’t have much else on my radar for the day other than riding. No planned stopped, no interesting barns, scenic overlooks – just riding and whatever popped up along the way.

On my way out of town, I couldn’t resist stopping for this great mural:

love trust nurture mural williamsport

From Williamsport I set off towards Lock Haven to pick up the bottom of the northeastern leaf of the Roadrunner State College Shamrock Tour. Having been on several of the routes for this tour leaf, I knew what to expect and I was looking forward to the ride.

I was treated to shady, tree-lined roads with little to no traffic as I steadily plugged along. Peeks of sunshine occasionally muscled through the cloudy canopy. Temperatures hovered in the high 60s – a real treat for July 1st in the northeast.

fuzzygalore on pa 414

Small town America fascinates me. As a suburbanite of the NY Metro area, my view of it is completely colored with romanticism. Little rural post offices hold a charm that I can barely resist.

tiny post office

I picked my way along routes 664, 44, 414, 287 and headed north towards Wellsboro for breakfast. In my fixation on finding my keys the hotel I had bypassed breakfast.

the wellsboro diner

Kenny and I ate in the Wellsboro Diner years ago. As I glanced over at the pies they had on display, I felt a pang of missing both him and Chloe. I know they would’ve loved a slice of anything in the case.

eating breakfast at the wellboro diner

Tucked in to my omelette, I contemplated what I would be doing next. What started as simply riding some loops around Pa. was quickly becoming… well, since I’m so close, maybe I should just zip over to…


Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Williamsport, Pa. Giant is Missing

Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Williamsport, Pa. Giant is Missing

The Williamsport, Pa. Whispering Giant was right up the block from the hotel I stayed at in town. My plan for the day was to swing by, take a picture of it and then head off towards Lock Haven to start a ride loop.

When I pulled up the spot where I’d seen it on Google Streetview there was… nothing.

fuzzygalore at the williamsport pa whispering giant

I parked and walked up to find only the pedestal and plaque remaining. My heart broke a little.

One of my friends who is also doing the Whispering Giant Grand Tour posted a photo of it on Facebook in April, so I knew it hadn’t been missing for long. I was bummed.

missing williamsport whispering giant

Now that I have had an opportunity to search the web, it seems that the Giant was removed in mid-June. I came up a day late and a dollar short on seeing Chief Woapalanee.

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Sometimes Being In A Hurry Actually Slows You Down

Sometimes Being In A Hurry Actually Slows You Down

When I woke up on Wednesday morning the ferocious rain from the night before was little more than a memory. The deluge ran its course and left a gray mist in its wake.

After re-packing my bag, gearing up and preparing to leave my hotel room I looked in the usual spot for my keys only to find that they weren’t there. Hmm. Strange. Maybe I put them in my totebag last night when I emptied my sidebag? With that I began to tear everything apart looking for my keys. And still, they were nowhere to be found.

Could I have left them in the lock of my topbox? (Again.) With that thought I took my jacket off and marched down to the front of the hotel where my bike was parked. There were no keys in the ignition, topbox lock or sidebag lock.

Could they have fallen out of my pocket when I went to my room last night? Ugh. Before heading back up the elevator, I stopped at the front desk to see if anyone had turned them in. While the clerk was on a call, I spotted my keys laying on the far counter. That red-capped Givi key is unmistakable. Once she finished up her call, the woman gave me my keys. Crisis averted.

I do carry my spare set on a lanyard around my neck for just such a circumstance. But there was no way I would leave without exhausting all avenues for finding the lost set. In that moment I made a deal with myself to slow down, think carefully about what I’m doing and try to be routine about where I put my things. It seems this “rush” that I’m always in is a habit that I’ve picked up from living where I do. I say this because when I leave, the need to hurry up subsides with time.

After repacking my bag and putting my jacket back on I was all set to roll for the day. When I got down to my bike, I tried to slow down, put what needed to be in my tankbag… in my tankbag, put my wallet in it’s spot, turned on the SPOT tracker, etc. As I was going through my mental checklist, two men walked out of the lobby doors. One smiled at me and said, “you found your keys. They were just dangling in that box last night. We gave ’em to the desk.”

I thanked them and tried to not show my shame for being such a dope. They wished me safe travels and I set off for my first stop of the day, visiting a Whispering Giant that was right up the block.

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