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Roadside Stop: Madonna of the Trail, Beallsville, Pa.

Roadside Stop: Madonna of the Trail, Beallsville, Pa.

During my Pennsylvania rambling road trip to nowhere, I ping-ponged around the state visiting things that I’d long wanted to see but had never made time to. One of those stops was to visit my first Madonna of the Trail on US40 in Beallsville, Pa.

fuzzygalore at madonna of the trail beallsville pa

Just look at this lady.

One kid on the hip, another bawling and snot-nosed tugging on her too long, too hot, too annoying skirt. All the while dragging a rifle (no doubt to shoot a rabid bear) all while keeping her trap shut with the patience of a saint – while her husband drives their covered wagon 30 miles in the wrong direction because he won’t stop to ask for directions. What mom hasn’t been there?

I raise my glass to the pioneer mother Madonnas. Cheers, ladies. We still feel you.

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Bucket List Stop: The PennDot Road Sign Sculpture Garden

Bucket List Stop: The PennDot Road Sign Sculpture Garden

Fuzzygalore at the PennDOT sculpture garden meadville pa

While I was riding through Pennsylvania, one of my “must stop” places was the PennDot Road Sign Sculpture Garden. It sat dusty on my Lifelong Pursuit of Fun List for several years.

After pulling in the lot, I perused the giant flowers which are absolutely lovely. It is really powerful to think about what beauty there is in throw-away objects.  You just have to choose to open your eyes to it.

Moving along the fence line, the vignettes created about Pennsylvania history are whimsically amazing. There are many more panels than are featured in the gallery below. You’ll have to go see them for yourself 🙂

This sculpture garden is worth stopping for!

More info:


18492 Smock Hwy, Meadville, PA 16335

Musings on Riding Farm Roads. And Bigfoot.

Musings on Riding Farm Roads. And Bigfoot.

When I get out into the rolling farmland I am often overcome by a sense of peacefulness. Deep green arms flag as I ride by.

“Heyyyy there, Miss Fuzzy,” waves the corn.

“Hi, corn. Lookin’ good. Lookin’ good.”

And so it goes, rambling along going nowhere fast. Roads like this one make me feel grounded and clutter-free.

fuzzygalore triumph tiger in pennsylvania farmland

In the perfect, romantic story that I write in my mind about these rural areas, everyone is happy, their lives are never hard. They may not have a lot of luxury but my imaginary farm people are satisfied with what they’ve got. They drink iced tea from mason jars, play cards at the kitchen table and swing on the porch looking out on to the fields as fireflies flash their lamps to signal the end of the day.

As I rode along this rambling country road thinking about my perfect farm people, I caught a glimpse of something on a garage-type building I’d ridden by.

“Was that…?” I thought and pulled a quick u-turn.

Apparently Bigfoot knows how to party!

bigfoot knows how to party

I guess my perfect farm people are a little warped 🙂

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Road Tripping: Roadside Goodies from Western New York

Road Tripping: Roadside Goodies from Western New York

After deciding to hang a left at the decision point, I set off to see the Whispering Giant in Dunkirk, New York. Since I was just ’round the way, I also decided to see a muffler man or two and some other roadside gems.

When I got up that morning in Williamsport, Pa. I hadn’t planned on ending up near Buffalo, New York but that just fortifies my method of traveling without reservations. You just never know where you’ll end up when you’re free to follow your whims.

Bob! at the Super Freeze Drive-In in Derby, NY:

bobs big boy derby ny

Super Freeze Soda Jerk Muffler Man

super freeze soda jerk muffler man

I managed to see one of the Irving, NY Muffler Man Indians. My GPS kept sending me around in circles trying to find the other one. I got frustrated and decided to forget about it. My patience was done for the night.

irving muffler man indian

Dolly Dimples

dolly dimples

Greased Lightning!

greased lighting at super freeze derby ny

While I sat outside inhaling a cheeseburger, I called home and talked to my family for a few minutes. They wondered what the heck I was doing near Buffalo and where I was going. I didn’t really have an answer to either question. But an hour or so later, I pulled in to the Holiday Inn Express in Salamanca, NY and finally took my boots off for the night.

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Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh in Dunkirk, NY

Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh in Dunkirk, NY

After visiting the Kinzua Viaduct, I pulled up the list of favorites in my GPS. One of the closest was the Whispering Giant in Dunkirk, NY. At less than 100 miles away, stopping for a visit seemed like a no-brainer.

whipsering giant ong-gwe-ohn-weh dunkirk ny

Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh was restored by Peter Toth in 2014. He cuts a very handsome image there by the shores of Lake Erie.

My hope for the now missing Williamsport, PA giant is that he will also undergo some restoration. Hopefully he hasn’t been discarded. ::crosses fingers::

Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh whispering giant dunkirk ny

Lakeshore Drive
Dunkirk, NY 14048
42.486248, -79.342841

No matter how much I tried to squeeze and shuffle my stuff around, he just wouldn’t fit in my Givi box 🙂

ong-gwe-ohn-weh Dunkirk ny whispering giant

Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh has its own Facebook page. Scrolling through the timeline, I noticed that someone posted photos of what the interior of the giant looked like during its restoration. A neat behind the scenes look:

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