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New Haven Pit Stop – Louis’ Lunch

New Haven Pit Stop – Louis’ Lunch

A few weeks ago, Kenny and I stopped by Louis’ Lunch, “the birthplace of the hamburger sandwich” in New Haven, Connecticut. A joint that’s been slingin’ the same patties since 1895 must be doing something right, right? I figured it was worth a look-see.

While the burger wasn’t my thing, I loved the potatoe salad. And the ambiance can’t be beaten if you’re interested in nostalgic eateries. Watching their throwback toaster and their burger broilers in action is a unique experience.

The restaurant is small and I’ve read the line can be out the door and the wait for food, quite long. Kenny and I lucked out, walking right up to the counter to order. But while we waited for our noms, the place filled wall-to-wall in a blink.

Know before you go: Cash only and you get the burger their way. It’s served on white toast, medium-rare, with the choice of the following toppings: cheese, onion, and tomato. Don’t even think about asking for ketchup or fries, you will be killed.

Louis’ Lunch
261 Crown Street
New Haven, CT 06511-6611

Aren’t You Scared? The New Haven Edition

Aren’t You Scared? The New Haven Edition

I’ve been asked if I’m scared at varying angles and degrees with regard to riding motorcycles many times over the years. As a matter of fact, I was just asked last weekend. While I was sitting on my bike.

Generally speaking, when I pull over to do something where I will come in contact with people or I am going to get off of my bike, I will stop my music from playing if it’s on. I wear earplugs that do a good job of sealing out noise, so I’m sensitive about having my ability to hear diminished. When I pulled in to a parking lot in New Haven, Connecticut based on a quick scan as I entered, I didn’t think there was anyone else around. I planned to snap a quick photo of a mural and would be back on my way so I didn’t stop the radio.

triumph bonneville closer to free

With my picture done, I swung my leg over the seat and went to roll backwards when UGH! There was a guy standing right next to me. I pressed the button on my Sena headset, stopping the music and said, “Whoa, you scared me!” He seemingly came out of nowhere. I guess I really need to be more aware of my surroundings and diligent about shutting the music off. I’m liable to get lunked over the head one day.

He made some small talk about the Bonneville being pretty and the chilly weather. In return, I gave short but polite answers because I didn’t really feel like having a conversation. Then he hit me with “aren’t you scared? Riding that motorcycle?”

This is the part of our program where I show my true asshole-ish nature.

Inner Monologue:

Aren’t I scared? To ride a motorcycle? Really, dude? Well, considering I’m here on it right now… uhhhh, no, not really. But I do get scared when people sneak up on me, creeper! 

Actual Response:

Nope. I love riding. Take care.

Sometimes it’s hard to hold back the snark. I know people are just being friendly but sometimes I just don’t feel like talking. To anyone. Especially when they ask a question that they could probably answer for themselves if they just thought about it. Maybe they wouldn’t even ask it. But, what’s the point in being mean? It doesn’t change anything that’s already been said and only makes things worse.

Not everyone knows what you know or knows enough about a topic to understand that their question is absurd. It stinks that I have to try to remember to be kind, that it isn’t always a natural response. But… that’s my truth for today.