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Long Island: Port Jefferson Business Improvement District Finds Motorcyclists an Unsightly Presence

Long Island: Port Jefferson Business Improvement District Finds Motorcyclists an Unsightly Presence

A newsletter recently put out by the Port Jefferson Business Improvement District here on Long Island is ruffling a few feathers in the local motorcycle community due to the inflammatory language used in 2 of it’s ‘Food for Thought’ bullet points.

Port Jefferson Business Improvement District Unsightly Motorcyclists Flyer

The plans to make a pedestrian centric area on the main business thoroughfare of the town absolutely have their merits. But, the abrasive language chosen by the author of this newsletter speaks volumes about how some business owners feel about their patrons.

  • No motorcycles
  • No unsightly presence of motorcyclists

Unsightly Presence?

How absurd! Motorcyclists are doctors, lawyers, small business owners and moms and dads just like everyone else. We are a cross section of all types of economic strata, backgrounds and walks of life. These very same unsightly people also come to town in their cars with their families, walk the streets with their children and patronize some of these resentful businesses.

With the whole world reeling from economic hardships it’s good to know that some Port Jefferson businesses don’t need our money. I wish I knew which particular businesses were so outraged. I would make it a point to appease their concerns and never patronize them whether I come to town in my car or on my bike.

The Old Slippery Slope

Unsightly presence is an interesting choice of words. Just what are they saying here? Stop a moment and think about how far you could take that argument.  When they start deeming anyone who isn’t blonde haired and blued eyed unsightly, will people react then?

This newsletter’s motorcycle bullet points read like a shortsighted knee-jerk reaction. Removing all parking from Main Street would not mean that motorcyclists wouldn’t find other places to park and still stroll through town as they do now.  They would park in the Marina lot, side street parking or in the metered lot just as they do now and walk into town and buy ice cream, coffee and eat in restaurants.

If there are issues with noise, with traffic and pollution then the village needs to have its constables address them. From minivans that run stop signs, cars with obnoxiously loud radios, pedestrians who drop their trash and don’t pick it up – these things are a nuisance. The town laws should be enforced; not selectively but across the board.

Motorcyclists – Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

  • Ride proud, not loud.
  • Pick up your trash, your cigarette butts, your coffee cups.
  • Keep thoroughfares clear for walking.
  • To be respected you have to be respectable.

Port Jefferson Links:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue!

[edit 4/6/2010 10:00am]
Please take a moment to read Mayor Margot Garant’s statement on the official Port Jefferson website regarding the “unsightly” flyer.

“Although this flyer looks like it was endorsed and produced by the Port Jefferson Business Improvement District, it was actually posted by one member of the District while the President was on vacation, without seeking approval from the BID as a whole. This flyer represents the views and opinions of one person, not the Village, nor the Business Improvement District, as a whole.”

[edit 4/6/2010 2:00pm]
Port Jefferson Business Improvement District President, Bruce Passarelli weighs in on the offending language with a post on the Port Jefferson website.

“I, and others on the Board, are quite upset about it. I know personally the Merchants of Port Jefferson welcome the motorcyclists. I am considering resigning from the BID’s Board of Directors. Again, I was unaware of this being sent out and it should never have been sent, period.”

[edit 4/7/2010 6:30am]

I attended the Port Jefferson BID meeting on the evening of April 6. Some members of the BID and the Mayor were on hand to answer questions by concerned motorcyclists. Continue Reading…
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