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Moto Photo: Me and My Shadow

It’s that time of year when the shadows start to get long early in the day. This photo was snapped on the GoPro when Chloe and I were out riding our dirt bikes. Just...


Moto Photo Blog-O-Rama: Muffler Men

I saw this photo theme on To Cold To Hold Photo Theme: Muffler Men Long Island has one Muffler Man on it’s shores. It is an indian-style man that stands outside of the Riverhead...


Moto Photo Blog-O-Rama Meme: The Long Road Home

As motorcyclists we most often look for the twistiest roads. Sometimes though, there is strange appeal in seeing a road that just fades straight off into the horizon. The flakey tree-huggin’ part of me...


Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme: Butterflies

Goldenchild asked: “I know everyone’s had pucker moments on their bike, but how many of you have had butterflies?” I can tell you unequivocally that the most frightening ride I’ve ever been on was...


Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme: Canyons, Chasms, Mountains

The motorcycle blogging community is rich with interesting characters that have a lot of useful information, compelling photos and stories to share. Similar to forum Tag-o-Rama type games, this blog photo game helps us discover other blogs.