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Would You Like to See My Sweet Caboose?

Would You Like to See My Sweet Caboose?

Sleeping in a caboose is one of the items that has been on my life’s To Do list for many years. How it ended up there, at this point I can’t say. It’s not like I’m not a railroad fanatic or anything. No doubt I stumbled across the existence of a caboose motel and said fun! and the idea stuck around.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I hadn’t planned on that being that day that I would sleep in a caboose. But, a few cups of coffee and 200 miles later, I found myself in the belly of the Reading caboose #21. ::shrug::

Sadly, my car isn’t as photogenic as my motorcycle.

Upon check-in at the Red Caboose Motel, the friendly desk clerk addressed me as if there were an “us,” a “you guys” and a “you all.” As you might imagine, this place is popular with families, so I don’t blame her.

“Have you guys stayed with us before?”
“Nope, first time.”
“Well, welcome aboard! Woo woo!”

Yep. She really woo-wooed, pulling the imaginary cord that sounds the horn. It’s nice when people are excited about life.

If I had to guess, a lot of solo 40-something women don’t come wheeling into the caboose motel on a Saturday night. And so I didn’t bother to correct her on my non-us-ness. About an hour later when I saw her again, she said cheerfully said, “is everything okay with you guys in your caboo… you’re alone, aren’t you. Sorry. Habit.” I’m starting to get a complex. You can’t make this stuff up.

As I said, this motel is very family friendly. It has an arcade, a silo observation tower, playground, buggy rides, ice cream and a few barnyard animals for petting.

Though I felt a little out of place with no kidlet of my own, I spent some time at the animal pens with the mini horses. As gaggles of children descended to tug on animal ears and manes – there I was, trying to telepathically communicate with the animals. I felt it was important that they knew that I was only there to love them up gently and that they should stay with me ‘cuz I love them best.

But apparently, they don’t have time for small talk, even if telepathically, when you don’t come with 25¢ worth of yum-yum pellets from the vending machine. I never seem to have any change when I actually want it.

While trying to make nice with a fuzzy gray horse, I watched the families at the other end of the corral. Looking on, I wondered why any parent would just allow their tiny toddler to put their deliciously chubby digits into some strange animals face unobserved.

Maybe I’m overly cautious, but it seems to me that when your two-year-old is touching an animal that is at least four times their size, you might want to put your fucking phone down and pay attention. I watched one dad yap nonstop on his phone while his little girl, face plugged with a pacifier, ran up and down along the fence “petting” the other mini horses. Later on, I heard crying and the words “…is a nipper,” floating above the general conversation. Oh, well.

People move in and out of my office all day tugging at my attention. Maybe if I start biting they’ll leave me alone, too.

The interior of my Queen Couples caboose looked like a tiny log cabin. It was clean and comfortable with cable, WiFi, a table to write at, a microwave, comfortable bed, and no funny smells. As nighttime inked the sky black, the wind outside picked up. The lack of insulation in the train was apparent in both the noise and the occasional draft. Not that it was bothersome, just something I was aware of. It felt like a reminder that I was sleeping in unusual quarters.

I enjoyed the novelty of my stay in the caboose. Seeing them all lined up, end to end with their candy colors brings out a child-like cheerfulness. It was worth the trip.

The Red Caboose Motel
312 Paradise Lane
Ronks, PA 17572

Roadtripping to West Virginia – Stay Kool at the Koolwink

Roadtripping to West Virginia – Stay Kool at the Koolwink

On our long weekend to West Virginia, we set up shop in the town of Romney. The local motorcycle dealership, Romney Cycles, was hosting a camp and ride. Though Kenny and I weren’t participating in that event, it was the spark that put us there.

visiting romney cycles
There’s always one weirdo who does things a little differently

We did stop in to the dealer to have a look around. What a place. I’ve never seen so many motorcycles on a showroom floor before. They seemed to have 3 of everything.

The staff made their presence known and was available but didn’t hawk you, which was nice. If I were a local, I’d definitely make an effort to shop there.

romney cycles showroom

Rather than camping,  Kenny and I decided to grab a room at the tres fantastique Koolwink Motel. It was so charmingly retro. Our friend Mod Betty over at Retro Roadmap actually profiled it a few years ago.

koolwink motel romney west virginia

The rooms were clean and the beds were comfortable. Plus as the evenings wore on, the motel was full of other nice motorcyclists who were in town for the Romney Cycles event.

the koolwink motel romney

But, I think my favorite part of the stay was the outdoor navigation station that allowed me to plan our day’s ride and drink my morning coffee 🙂

my navigation station at the koolwink

Isn’t Mr. Koolwink just the cutest?

When you hit the road are you inclined to stay in a mom & pop place such as the Koolwink? Admittedly, I generally go for a chain but after my experience in Romney maybe I’ll be a little more open minded? ::crosses fingers::