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Day tripping on a sunny Sunday on the coast of Maine

Day tripping on a sunny Sunday on the coast of Maine

The town of Rockland sits on Midcoast Maine’s Penobscot bay. A perfect strolling town, lined by charming window displays of clever artisan’s works, sparkly baubles and puffin related souvenirs, Rockland brings to mind what a small American town should look like. No strip malls, no Burger King drive thru, no shiny officeplex housing a cubicle farm full of disgruntled workers.

Streetview of Rockland Maine

We walked along watching ice cream eating families laughing as they too walked. I couldn’t help but be completely enamored with watching an elderly man hand painting the lettering on a store window. The story that I built in my mind had him doing that very thing for the last 50 years.

Rocklane Maine - Handpainting window writing

I was very excited to see that artist Robert Indiana, a Maine resident since 1978 currently has a featured exhibit entitled Robert Indiana and the Star of Hope at the Farnsworth Museum. While looking at one of Indiana’s quintessential LOVE sculptures on a street-side display I heard someone who is clearly not versed in art history say, ‘Hey, I know that sculpture.’ Such a reaction just serves to show the importance of the pop artist in the fabric of the public psyche.

Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture in Rockland Maine

After a month or so of rain in the state, we were fortunate to have a big blue sky and warm weather for our day trip. This gave us the perfect opportunity to comfortably walk the nearly one mile limestone breakwater out to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. The lighthouse was open and free to climb up on its deck and finally up the narrow spiral stairs to the light tower. The last 5 or 6 steps up the ladder into the lens area are not kind to those afraid of heights but the view of the harbor and a watching a 1940s biplane from the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum giving a tour of the coast made the shaky legged trip back down the ladder totally worth it.

Rockland Maine Breakwater Lighthouse

Rockland Maine Breakwater Lighthouse up in the light tower

Rockland Maine

Sights from the Road: The Rumford Maine Muffler Man

Sights from the Road: The Rumford Maine Muffler Man

For the 2009 President’s week holiday, we spent our time in Maine. While there, we stopped off in the town of Rumford and had a tasty homecooked-style lunch at the River Valley Grille. It was the first time that I’d ever laid eyes on a red hot dog. Yes, that’s right. I said, RED. Apparently it is something that is native to the state. They are commonly referred to as Red Snappers.

The River Valley Grille - Rumford Maine

The reason for heading to Rumford was for me to visit with Maine’s last standing actual Paul Bunyan Muffler Man. He looms over the Rumford Visitor Center. Fittingly, the visitor center sells postcards with his mug on it complete with a thumb visible in the postcard photograph. Perfect

The Rumford, Maine Muffler Man - Stands at the Welcome Center
Sights from the Road: Portland Head Lighthouse

Sights from the Road: Portland Head Lighthouse

Maine’s oldest working lighthouse, the Portland Head Light was a a pitstop on our recent trip back home to New York from Maine. The subject of countless photographs and blog posts much better than I could ever muster on both fronts, here it is nonetheless.

More info on the Annie C. Maguire Shipwreck here

What do you think a kid sees out there on the horizon? I wish I could remember.

Maine Lighthouses: Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Maine Lighthouses: Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Saturday was a gorgeous day for us to head out on to the jetty to visit the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. It was actually open that day and for $2 you could head on up the ladder of the lighthouse. I’m not sure what was the most fun hopping along the rocks of the jetty or getting to see the house close up. I think it was a draw

The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse