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I Found LOVE in Philly

I Found LOVE in Philly

LOVE Sculpture - Robert Indiana - Philadelphia
I tagged along on a ride to have a cheesesteak lunch in Philly on Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t leave town without seeing Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture while I was there. As it turned out – we got the most perfect parking space!

LOVE sculpture Philly

You can visit the Philly LOVE statue at:

15th St & John F. Kennedy Blvd
John F. Kennedy Plaza
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Photo Gallery: Love and Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Photo Gallery: Love and Hearts for Valentine’s Day

All of my days have a lot of love in them. Though I adore the idea of Valentine’s Day and romance, I’m pretty low maintenance on this holiday. I’m only too happy to spend the time with my family, laughing and loving each other. You know, like a typical Monday. Chocolates optional.

I love Love. It’s always on my mind. I think that’s why I see hearts everywhere.

Hope you get to spend this day and all year with the ones you love the most~

Robert Indiana Love Sculpture NYC
Robert Indiana – Corner of 6th Ave./55th St. NYC

Here are some photos of “love” that I’ve spotted in my travels:

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