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Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme: Canyons, Chasms, Mountains

Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme: Canyons, Chasms, Mountains

The motorcycle blogging community is rich with interesting characters that have a lot of useful information, compelling photos and stories to share. Sometimes we just need a little help finding one another. Similar to forum Tag-o-Rama type games, this blog photo game – an internet meme if you will – can give us a little push by helping us discover other blogs while posting great motorcycle photos at the same time.

So open up that photo folder or better yet – get out and ride to find a photo that you think matches the Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama theme. Are you ready? Let’s play!

Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme:
Canyons, Chasms, Mountains

BMW R1150GS on route 1274 near Morehead Kentucky

This photo of my BWM R1150GS was taken on route 1274 outside of Morehead, Kentucky in May of 2009. I slipped away for a quick solo ride in the early morning while the rest of the gang on the trip was still sleeping.  It felt amazing to be standing alone on that road next to those towering rock walls.

Do you wanna play Motorcycle Photo Blog-O-Rama?

  • Post one of your motorcycle-related photos that suit this photo meme on your own blog.
  • Caption or describe your photo. Tell us where and when it was taken. Maybe include an interesting note about it.
  • Encourage others to post their photos!
What is a Meme?
First things first. Meme, it sounds like team.
Here on the web, a meme is a popular or contagious idea or theme. You know, like LOLCats, a bunny with a pancake on it’s head or sad Keanu.

Make sure you leave a comment below so we can take a peek at your handy work!

A Little Link Love: 3 Links to Motorcycle Blogs I Read

A Little Link Love: 3 Links to Motorcycle Blogs I Read

Sometimes you stumble across a blog and just connect with it. Maybe you like the writer’s sense of humor, admire their spirit or appreciate their writing voice. Maybe it’s something as simple as they post terrific pictures. I tend to like the motorcycle blogs that tell a personal story, be it big or small. I always appreciate it when someone links to fuzzygalore.com, so I want to return the favor or pay it forward.

Here are 3 motorcycle blogs I’d like to show a little link love:

  • Bolty.net
    Be sure to check out Bolty’s posts about packing for camping on the motorcycle. Very detailed and thoughtful writing.
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