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Old Blue Eyes and the Concord Point Lighthouse

Old Blue Eyes and the Concord Point Lighthouse

When I turned off of I-95 at the exit for Havre de Grace, Maryland I had only one goal in mind. I would visit the Desert Storm muffler man.

desert storm muffler man havre de grace maryland

As I approached the station where he stood outside, my GPS chirped “Approaching. Desert Storm muff-a-ler man. On right,” in that quirky way she does. Muff-a-ler. It makes me snicker every time.

This muff has some piercing blue eyes, doesn’t he? I feel like he could use a little Chapstick, too.

havre de grace maryland muffler man

On a cluster of “Welcome to” signs that greeted me on the way in to town, I spotted one that mentioned a lighthouse. I hadn’t realized just how close to the Chesapeake Bay I was.

After I finished up with ole blue eyes, I looked up the lighthouse on the GPS and went for a visit.

concord point lighthouse havre de grace maryland

What a sweet little light it was!

The Corncord Point Lighthouse stands a mere 30 feet tall. It’s just a pipsqueak compared to some that I’ve visited. But, what it lacks in height it makes up for in charm.

I strolled around the small park grounds and watched the sun’s light shimmer on the bay. It was just me and a few elderly couples milling about.

I lingered a while, soaking up some sunshine. The heat felt so good after the pouring rain I’d ridden through during the previous 24 hours.

concord point lighthouse havre de grace marlyand

More often than not, I don’t  stop and explore local attractions. By my own doing I am usually focused on something specific and gems like the Concord Point Lighthouse go unnoticed.  I need to work on slowing my brain down a bit and not always being on to the next thing. (I know, good luck with that.)

Do you follow those tourist landmark signs when you see them?

Sights from the Road: Pennsylvania Landlocked Lighthouse

Sights from the Road: Pennsylvania Landlocked Lighthouse

This landlocked lighthouse is a re-purposed grain silo, sitting on Kernsville Rd. in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Needless to say Kenny and I were pretty surprised to see it in the middle of the rolling, green hills. If ships are running aground in Allentown, I’m thinking a twirly light isn’t really going to help.

Landlocked Lighthouse Kernsvill Rd. Allentown PA

Don’t you just love the dreamers of the world? Have you ever seen a landlocked lighthouse?

California Dreaming: Willits to San Francisco

California Dreaming: Willits to San Francisco

June 20, 2008 – Willits to San Francisco

There was a little bit of a sting to leaving Willits. This was our final day of riding in California. We had to be back in San Francisco to return our rental bikes by dinner time. Though another beautiful day of riding along the serpentine tarmac of the coast lay ahead, the ride was tinged with the sadness of knowing that the trip we had been dreaming of for so long was nearly finished.

We headed west towards Fort Bragg and began our easy-going meander down the coast. Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

We stopped along the way, enjoying the views and visiting the lighthouses at both Point Cabrillo and Point Arena and having a bite to eat in Mendocino. Onward we went, heading back to where we’d started from in San Francisco.

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

When we rode inland off the coast, the heat felt like a punch to the gut. One minute we were cruising along in the mild air of the coastline and then WHAMMO!, it was H-O-T. We’d passed a bank sign while making a pit stop that read 114°.

I saw Greg put on his signal and move to the shoulder. Flat tire! The sun and the heat were merciless while we were standing there on the side of the highway. It felt every bit of that 114 degrees we’d seen earlier and then some. Thankfully, this roadside repair was done in jig time using the fabulously small and flexible Slime compressor and a Stop & Go Tire plugging kit.

The irony of getting a flat  at the Lucky Drive exit was not lost on me 🙂

Bike repairs in 120 degree heat outside San Francisco

With Greg’s tire plugged, each of us was hot and admittedly cranky but we were back on our way. The big red bridge though beautiful was like a dagger in my heart. Our ride was over. In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, we were pulling our bikes back in to the garage at Dubbleju.

Back to Dubbleju

How could 9 days have passed so quickly?


California Dreaming: Klamath Falls, Or. to Crescent City, Ca.

California Dreaming: Klamath Falls, Or. to Crescent City, Ca.

Tuesday June 17, 2008 – Klamath Falls, Or to Crescent City, Ca.

We left our surprisingly plush and unexpected 2 room suite in Klamath Falls on Tuesday morning, heading north to Crater Lake National Park. A good night’s sleep realigned my brain and I was happy to be on the road again.

We stopped off along the road to take in the scenery and talk with some cows who stood on the other side of the fence chewing. It was a gorgeous morning; cool and clear.

Heading towards Crater Lake

Crater Lake has been on my life’s to-do list for what seems like forever. In my previously mentioned heat-induced emotional breakdown, I was nearly ready to skip Crater Lake rather than sit on the toe-roasting boxer twin for 200 miles of slab. Sometimes I could probably use a good shake to knock some sense in to me.

As Greg, Kenny and I sat on the wall that rimmed the lake, I was thankful that I was encouraged to keep moving forward that day in the gas station.

Crater Lake NP

The way that the sunshine sparkled off the sapphire blue water looked like a layer of static hovering. It was like one of those magic eye posters.

Crater Lake

Stupid people, read this sign Cold, chilly BMW at Crater Lake My helmet at Crater Lake

Unfortunately, though it was June there was 55 inches of snow still standing around the lake’s ring road. This meant that we were unable to go all the way around the lake.
Greg at Crater Lake
Crater lake marked the northern most section of our route. This was a bittersweet moment. I’d made it to see this place that danced across my imagination, but it was also the turnaround point of or trip. We were no longer on the upslope.

Welcome to Crater Lake

Heading southwest, we worked our way down the coast. We found a place to stay in Crescent City for the night.

Battery Point Lighthouse Fishing boats in Crescent City Crescent City California Coastline

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