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Introduce Yourself: Tell Me… About You

Introduce Yourself: Tell Me… About You

For the past few days, one post on this here blog has just caught fire. It was: Here It Is! The Greatest Road Sign In The World. I wish I knew the formula that makes that happen. Whatever it is that sparked peoples imagination – I’m grateful.

My dear friend Pimmie happened to see the photo posted on a Dutch motorcycle site:

Hello & Thank You! 

So, on the heels of all of these new folks coming around I just wanted to say Welcome and Thanks for Reading!

And to those of you who’ve been around for a while now – you’re like my favorite unicorn wool sweater… just awesome.

So… You Come Here Often?

Why don’t you take a minute and say Hi? How about telling me where you’re from and maybe what bike you’re riding? How about telling me where your blog is or your astrological sign? You know – that getting to know you chit-chat.

If you’ve been a silent lurker who didn’t know how to jump in – now’s your chance to say something. You’ll get extra style points for making me laugh.

Thanks, Everybody.
You guys and dolls are the greatest readers a little pink motorcycle blog could ever hope for.
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