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Meeting Motorcycle Traveler @TheTexasHoss

Meeting Motorcycle Traveler @TheTexasHoss

This is Tracy from Texas. We met on a balmy day in July while he was on Long Island during a cross-country trip. He’s an educator, a thinker, a dreamer, a doer and above all else a good soul. And now, I get to call him friend.

We spent a few hours talking about life, sipping beers and making a connection. Now when I read his posts and see his photos online I get a deeper understanding of the person behind the lens. It adds a whole new dimension of appreciation to someone’s sharing.

On a truly humbling note, Tracy asked me to sign his bike, which I did. It was covered in memories from the people he’s met in his travels.

Visit Tracy on Instagram @thetexashoss to get a peek at his travels across the American landscape. He has an eye and an open heart for the small moments that make a big impression.

Tracy on the Blogs: The Farr Place

Right on, ride on, Tracy!

I Think This Calls For a Ramble

I Think This Calls For a Ramble

This is my third point-n-shoot camera in as many months. ::sigh::

This one is clipped, locked and loaded in my jacket. I think this calls for a little ramble around on the ole motorcycle, don’t you? After work today I’m going to shove off to do a whole lotta nothin’ in Pennsylvania for a few days. Depending on the weather and my mood, I may give a leaf or two of that shamrock tour a whirl. Who knows? I’m pointing my wheels west and seeing what happens from there.

You know? Given my track record, maybe I should’ve bought the replacement plan for this camera.