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Travel Inspiration in a Cup o’ Coffee

Travel Inspiration in a Cup o’ Coffee

You never know where you’ll find inspiration to get out and see good stuff! 🙂

The Blue Whale
Route 66
Catoosa, Oklahoma

The Gemini Giant
Route 66
Wilmington, Illinois

Tall Paul
Route 66
Atlanta, Illinois

Around the World with AntiHero

Around the World with AntiHero

Let’s face it. The lives that many of us have chosen don’t allow us to fling ourselves out in to the world to just wander. Maybe we do it in small doses – a trip here and there. And maybe some of us don’t find a way to do it at all.

Thankfully there is an army of other motorcyclists who share the view from their visor. As they send back images and dispatches from the road, they can help to feed your dreams until the time that you find yourself out there in the world.

This is currently my favorite world traveler. He’s taking me around the world with him and doesn’t even know it.


You may have seen his Ducati Panigale trip threads on ADVrider.

I like to follow him on Instagram too:

#ducati #panigale #rtw

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Regarding Instagram

I know some people are sensitive about using Instagram. They don’t want someone else owning their images. Fair enough. But, if you register an account you can still follow, comment and search the app without ever posting a photo yourself.

You can of course still look at a user’s profile on Instagram without logging in. But, you can’t search the site for users and hashtags so you’d need to know who you’re looking for and navigate there directly.

The sheer number of images that are posted on the service is staggering. And some of them are downright incredible.

Motorcycle Blogs – Showing Off or Sharing the World?

Motorcycle Blogs – Showing Off or Sharing the World?

Fuzzy in SwitzerlandIn March of 2012, MotoChat, the motorcycle Twitter/Facebook chat dedicated its hour-long gab fest to the topic of Motorcycle Blogs. One of the questions that was posed was:

Big Epic Trips: Is it showing off?

When motorcycle bloggers post about their trips to far flung places or their weeks or their months out on the road – do you see it as showing off?

My point of view~
Without people sharing their stories, their photos, writing about their experiences – a huge part of what inspires me to want to see more of the world would be missing. I have learned so much from reading about others travels. Sometimes I don’t even realize that a seed has been planted in my imagination until much later.

Showing off? I say, no way.

Have you ever read about something or some place in a blog and said – I have to see that and actually went for it? Was it around the corner or some far away place?

What do you think – is it showing off?

Sunday Snapshots: Inspirational Signs

Sunday Snapshots: Inspirational Signs

I pass this church often. Whoever puts the quotes on their signs really comes up with some good ones. This weekend was a two-fer.

“Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.”

Life is too short to waste time hating anybody

“Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.”

Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

It may be that I’m just a silly hippie-type that is continually looking for meaning in things, but I always feel like these signs are “talking” to me. I’ll take inspiration anyway I can get it, I suppose.

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