December: Miscellaneous Motorcycle Thought Purge

December: Miscellaneous Motorcycle Thought Purge

As The Bloggess would say, this isn’t a real post. I’ve got a few disjointed odds and ends rattling around in the ole noggin that I need to purge. They’re motorcycle/road-related so, there you have it.

Chris’ Riding Adventures

My friend Chris is just kicking off his new blog. You remember what it’s like just starting out, don’t you? Writing stuff down, adding photos and then wondering how the hell you make people come to read it. Stop in and say hi to Chris, won’t you?

He’ll be riding in the 2015 Iron Butt Rally, so you know he’s “special.” 😀

chris riding adventures

Our Lady of the Highways

image source: Window on Cecil Countys Past
Source: Window on Cecil Countys Past

When I was riding home from Fredericksburg, Virginia after completing the Void Rally 9 this year I noticed something on the northbound side of I-95 in Maryland. I used Siri via my Sena headset to take a note so I wouldn’t forget what it was. That was 2 months ago.

I was cleaning some of the junk off of my phone yesterday when I spotted that note (that I shouldn’t forget) that said, “Our lady of the highway near mile marker 105.” Siri is pretty handy when you’re doing 75mph.

Find Our Lady of the HIghways on Google Maps 

“It’s a reminder to be a bit more kind, a bit more humane, Christian – if that’s your belief. Whatever your belief is, to remind yourself within that belief to be a little kinder, a bit more civil and a bit more courteous on the road.”

Be a little kinder? Someone lookin’ out for us on the roads? Yes, please.


 IMS-NY Progressive International Motorcycle Show

progressive internation motorcycle show log

The motorcycle show rolls in to New York early this year, the weekend of December 12/13/14. I think we’re going to go on Friday again this year because it’s generally less crowded. Who needs a blogger correspondent? My name looks awesome on those dangly little press badges. 😀

Are you a NY Metro local? Will you be attending or working the show?

Motorcycle Show – New York