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I Spy: Honda CB350 Motorcycle – Daily Rider?

I Spy: Honda CB350 Motorcycle – Daily Rider?

We spotted this lovely little Honda CB350 while we were in Maine last summer. It appears to be stock save for the windshield and highway bars. What a great looking bike. It just makes me want to go for a ride, 70’s style.

Red Honda CB350
Honda CB350

I can see it now – Me, putting on my best pair of Earth Shoes and hitting the road on a groovy adventure. I have big dreams of listening to 8-tracks, making Jiffy Pop and eating fondue from here to San Francisco. “Breaker, breaker this is Motorcycle Mama, come back. How am I hitting you? Wall to wall and treetop tall? Watch your donkey, good buddy. We got us a Kojack with a Kodak hiding in the grass.”

It just feels good. Doesn’t it?

This post is nothing without you: Bring it back, now. Do you copy?

Motorcycle Project: 1968 CL 350 Sandblasting Cylinders

Motorcycle Project: 1968 CL 350 Sandblasting Cylinders

Kenny - Sand Blasting CL CylindersIn the early hours of Sunday morning while the rest of the neighborhood was enjoying the extra hour of sleep from turning the clocks back, the Fuzzmop household was alive with the sounds of compressed air and flying sand. Kenny was outside working on cleaning up the newer cylinders he picked up for the CL.

The CL started having problems with starting. Suspecting a bad head gasket, the bike went up on the lift and parts started coming off. As it turned out, there were two broken piston rings. Kenny took a quick inventory of anything else he might want to update while the bike is unbuttoned.

The current cylinders have a few cracked cooling fins. This would be the perfect time to replace them. Thanks to eBay, Kenny found a set for $30. Score! A little cleanup by sandblasting, some silver paint and the 40 year old engine will soon be looking extra spiffy.

CL 350 CylindersSand Blast!1968 Honda CL 350 Cylinders

Kenny - Sand Blasting CL CylindersPainting the CL 350 Clyinders

Repainted Cylinders
Spiffy New Paint!
The custom exhaust is nearly finished. New photos coming soon!
Bermuda Scooter: Honda Sonic 125 Repsol Edition

Bermuda Scooter: Honda Sonic 125 Repsol Edition

I spotted this guy on a cool Repsol Edition Honda Sonic 125 while in Bermuda.

Honda Sonic 125 Repsol Edition

Scooters, Scooters, Everywhere!

Bermuda has an island wide speed limit of 30mph and a motorcycle displacement limit of 150ccs.  Importing vehicles and the price of oil/gasoline on the little island must be a small fortune.  No doubt this must have helped to shape these restrictions.

Though they are catching on, why aren’t scooters more popular in major metropolitan cities of the US? Around the world motorcycles and scooters are utility vehicles – much less pleasure vehicles. They provide cheap gas-sipping easy transport. Why don’t more Americans want that?

Scooters – They aren’t just for King Wah’s Dragon Noodle anymore!