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Riding Nerdy: Finding Historical Markers

Riding Nerdy: Finding Historical Markers

Do you like your motorcycle rides with a side of history-buff nerdiness? Well, then – locating and photographing historical markers might be right up your alley.

Riverhead historical marker

A part of Southold prior to its organization 1792. First settlement 1690. Suffolk County Seat since 1725.
-State Education Department 1933

Surely I can’t be the only geek who likes to ride and likes to learn about the history of the places I pass through. Are you up for the informal challenge of doing some riding, taking some photos and maybe learning something along the way?

What are the rules and what do you win?

Nothin’ on both counts! Isn’t that great?

The informal challenge is nothing more than to get out and do some riding and share what you’ve found on your own blog. Easy-peasy.

Here are some websites that might help you find historical markers in your state:

State Historical Marker Sites:

Do you have any websites or tips for finding the locations of historical markers?

Leave your tips and links back to your blog posts, below!

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