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The Evil, Dreaded Slab – How Can I Make Riding it Better?

The Evil, Dreaded Slab – How Can I Make Riding it Better?

On my 2009 in review list of 100 things that I learned abot motorcycling, my #40 entry was:

I’m struggling with whether it’s better to have slabbed and seen or not seen at all.

Living on the eastern end of Long Island means that I have to commit myself to riding about 100 miles until I can be somewhere that I can get a bit of elbow room. It takes me that long before I can be in a place where I can stretch the Speed Triple’s legs a little. Sometimes, this is daunting. Instead of being gung-ho for a ride I find my excitement balloon getting deflated.

There are so many day rides that I want to take, so many things that I want to go see. But the thought of riding my way off of this island often puts a damper on my plans. 100 miles off, 100 miles on. I’m not afraid of the miles, it is just that their quality is so poor.

Fuzzygalore on the highway
On the Highway

What can I do?

When the weather is warmer, I could suck it up and get up at 0’darkthirty to head out before the sunrise, heat and traffic. This would get me to wherever I want to start riding, in the early hours of the morning. I am after all a morning person.  But even so, I will confess the idea of getting up at 5 on a weekend morning isn’t exactly exciting. And then there is the little matter of battling my way back home.

Or… I could just hang around this island; riding the same old stinko roads time and time again. I could never go anywhere or see anything new. Right.

How do I find the inner peace to tolerate what needs to be done to get out of here?

This post is nothing without you: Do you have to work to make it to the good roads? How do you make it through the “tough” times of traveling?

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