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That’s An Unusual KLR Headlight Mod

That’s An Unusual KLR Headlight Mod

Sometimes in life you find yourself doing what you gotta do, just to get by.

Hokey Maglight headlamp KLR

Looks like this KLR owner I spotted the other day was doing just that.

Maglight headlamp KLR

I’m not exactly sure a Maglight would be my first choice as a headlight replacement, but okaaaay. I’m sure it uh,… works GREAT! And is perfectly legal to pass safety inspection. 🙂

If you’ve ever poked around on ThereIFixedIt.com this type of stuff may be all too familiar.

How About You?

Have you ever jury-rigged something hokey up on your bike? Maybe a milk crate instead of a top box? Bleach jug hand guards?  Don’t be shy!

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