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Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear: Handlebar Muffs

Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear: Handlebar Muffs

My first introduction to using handlebar muffs was back when I did the Crotona Midnight Run in 2007. My dear friend Bill lent me his muffs to use that night. He has again imparted them on me for this winter.

Speed Triple with Handlebar Muffs
Muff Mama

Because I don’t have heated gloves, I’m left to monkey around with winter gloves and heated grips on the Speed Triple. When I wear my winter gloves, I can’t feel the heated grips very well. I also find that my feel on the bars and levers is a bit more vague. Using the muffs allows me to use my heated grips and wear my regular leather riding gloves.

The Parts Unlimited muffs I am using do a good job of providing an extra layer of wind protection even at highway speeds. And they remind me of giant ovenmitts which ups the silly factor 🙂


  • Depending on the material used to construct your muffs, while moving – the wind can collapse the body of the muff. This can make it difficult to get your hand back into the opening if you took it out.

I have brushguards on the triple that help to keep the muff a little more rigid upfront. In my previous go-round with the muffs, I used them with the brushguards on the outside. I think the guards make it easier to get my hands back in while in motion. Your mileage may vary depending on how rigid your muffs  happens to be.

So, until I spring for some Gerbing gloves, muffs it is.

Triple Muffy
Triple Muffy

[edit – 12/21/09]
A few people have asked – The model I am using are Parts Unlimited Snow Paws from their ATV catalog.