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Well, Hello, Bestem 46L Givi Trunk Liner!

Well, Hello, Bestem 46L Givi Trunk Liner!

bestem Givi Monokey 46 Liter ToplinerWhile traveling on my Tiger, I have been using a canvas tote bag with a “recycle” logo on it inside my Givi box as the liner. I’m pretty sure I got the bag as a giveaway somewhere because I can tell you with utmost certainty, I would never have bought and paid for such a thing. Ugly aside, the size of the tote worked well enough and you couldn’t beat the pricetag.

Always on the lookout to make my life just thaaaaaat much more luxurious, my sweetie hooked me up with a very nice Bestem Givi trunk bag.

Swanky, swanky! So long, canvas tote. 

fuzzygalore bestem trunk liner bag

One drawback with my canvas bag was the narrow top load. It invariably meant that something that I wanted out of the bag would be near the bottom. I would have to either be careful about the packing order of things or I would end up packing/unpacking several times to get to something.

The Bestem liner has flat loading just like the Givi box. Open the lid and voila! Your stuff. It’s practically magic.

Two carrying handles, removable shoulder strap, top load, perfectly sized to fit the 46L trunk? Mark me down as “happy.”

Packed for 10 days:

fuzzygalore trunk packing

Bargain Motorcycle Top Box Luggage at Sears and JC Whitney

Bargain Motorcycle Top Box Luggage at Sears and JC Whitney

About a month ago, I read a post on ADV about Sears carrying a Givi-style luggage box. Givi’s boxes are terrific but coupled with their separately purchased mounting plates, they’re pricey.

We currently have the E460 mounted on Kenny’s GS. I believe the price tag on it last year was around $200 + $75 or so for the mounting plate. Though I love the top box and it’s dry, lockable storage capacity, I think that’s a lot of dough. With that in mind, I passed the Sears link along hoping that someone I knew would be able to make good use of it.

Well, we got a bite. My friend Bill ordered the large box for his WeeStrom. It came in at the whopping price of $55 for the box and included the mounting plate.

Sears Givi Knockoff Top Box Sears Givi Knockoff Luggage Givi e460 and Sears Top Box

Though there is no mention of branding on the website, the top box that came from Sears had JC Whitney part numbers and packing materials.  The Sears box is identical to the ones currently listed on the JC Whitney website, but sells for less money.

Sometimes in life you get what you pay for. Sometimes though, you get a kickass bargain. Unfortunately you don’t know which side of the coin you’re on until you bite the bullet and buy something. I’ve ordered the medium size box from Sears. Pricetag: $32.49

Two snaps up, a twist and a kiss for the internet. The JC Whitney site currently has about 90 reviews listed on this trunk. Maybe they can help you determine if it’s a good deal for you too.

Have you had any experience with the JC Whitney/Sears trunk? Tell us about it!

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