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Grrrr! My New Ural Yamal TShirt

Grrrr! My New Ural Yamal TShirt

While I was at Ural of New England last weekend, I got a Ural Yamal tshirt.

ural yamal tshirt ural of new england

 Olga, proprietress and fabulous lady, designs the shirts that are for sale in their shop. LOVE!

ural yamal tshirt ural of new england

What the heck is a Yamal?

Read about the beautiful orange beast: 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal

While I was in the back of the shop, I got to see a Yamal that was being prepped for its new owner – who I met later in the morning. As it turns out the couple live just a hop, skip and a jump away here on Long Island. Small world, being made even smaller one funky Ural at a time 🙂

Road Trip: Visiting the Revzilla Showroom in Philly

Road Trip: Visiting the Revzilla Showroom in Philly

My daughter Chloe recently outgrew her textile riding jacket. Having her sized and fitted into a decent piece of gear for the upcoming season was something I wanted to do in person. The biggest challenge? Finding someplace with a good selection of quality gear and a range of sizes available to try on.



Revzilla Showroom - Philly

As a very satisfied online customer for a few years now, popping into their new brick and mortar showroom seemed like a perfect idea. And… we could get cheesesteaks while we were in town. Win-Win! 

When we walked into the retail space we were greeted by a salesperson – Bobby. We went on to work with him throughout our time in the shop. He was patient, accommodating, knowledgeable and above all friendly. He didn’t give that full court obnoxious sales press that I hate so much.

He was clearly familiar with the products and was able to answer any questions we had and made recommendations where appropriate.

Bonus Points: He was able to look at me and my daughter and correctly size us by sight for REV’IT jackets.

What was different about our shopping experience at Revzilla, when compared to other motorcycle retail spaces?

Revzilla Showroom Boots


The biggest differentiating factor. Helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, pants, full suits – all in a range of sizes, fabrics, brands and price points right on the floor.

On top of that – after eyeballing a few items, Bobby checked the computer to see what they had in their onsite warehouse and brought out different color and size options in more than one of our potential choices.


Though the store is stocked with some high-end items I never got a whiff of that pseudo-exclusive, douchebaggy vibe that some stores take on. Sure they sell upscale brands like  Rukka and Klim but they also offer middle of the road brands for folks whose pockets aren’t as deep.


The sales staff were readily available. They seemed to know the line between being pushy and being absentee.

If you’ve been a fan of Revzilla online store, you will have a great shopping experience in their showroom – it feels like a natural extension of their webfront.

Revzilla Showroom Gear
Revzilla Showroom Gear
Revzilla Showroom

The Goods

After looking through the jackets and having carte blanche to choose whatever made her heart sing from leather to textile to…whatever, Chloe selected a REV’IT Levante jacket in silver and a pair of Held gloves.

She is her Momma’s girl 🙂

REV'IT Levante

And with me being the curious type – I tried on a jacket. Or two. And I may have accidentally bought a REV’IT women’s Airwave for the summer and a REV’IT women’s Ventura because… because Bobby was a good salesperson.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

REV'IT Ventura
REV'IT Women's Airwave

It’s definitely worth a stop-in.

Where is Revzilla Located?

4020 South 26th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19112

Where is Revzilla Located?

4020 South 26th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19112

We’ve Pretty Much Got Gloves Covered Around Here

We’ve Pretty Much Got Gloves Covered Around Here

Don’t you think?

I had no idea we actually had this many pairs (19). I think they’re making babies in the closet.

Have you found yourself with gear that seems to multiply on it’s own?

Fuzzmop Glove Collection

There’s a rule they don’t teach you at the Harvard Business School. It is, if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing to excess. – Edwin H. Land

Sometimes a Bargain Isn’t a Bargain – Buy Right, Buy Once

Sometimes a Bargain Isn’t a Bargain – Buy Right, Buy Once

How many times over the years have you bought yourself some ‘bargain’ motorcycle gear, trying to save a couple bucks – only to end up spending more money and buying something to replace it?

On the flip side, have you ever been let down by gear that cost a premium?

Sidi Adventure GORE-TEX

I really didn’t want to spend the loot to buy my Sidi Adventure GORE-TEX boots. But, now that I’ve had them for a while ~ I’m glad I did, they were worth it to me. Dry feet are a thing of beauty.

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset

A few weeks ago, I received a set of Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headsets and a a SM10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter to use and review. Preliminary long story short? I am LOVING using the headsets!

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset

I have never used any type of helmet communicator before. Frankly, I wasn’t really sure if it was something that I really wanted. I was skeptical. As I thought about it, because the SMH10 does so much more than allowing me to talk to another motorcyclist riding along with me – I figured, what the hell? I’ll give it a try.

The headsets can pair to several devices at once – other Sena headsets for bike to bike communication, your GPS, your phone – it’s all pretty awesome.

Helmet Communicator – Party of One

More often than not, I find myself riding solo. What can one of these Sena devices do for someone like me? Well ~ I regularly use the SMH10 with my phone and GPS features:

  • Send text messages verbally
  • Listen to text messages I’ve received
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Use my phone’s music library
  • Use Siri on my iPhone
  • Turn by turn directions
Now, I don’t really recommend riding and talking on the phone – but, it is possible.

Sena SMH10 bluetooth headset

Being able to bluetooth to my iPhone and GPS has been great. I put this combo to good use during the Void Rally. Having turn by turn directions pause the music and whisper sweet turn lefts in my ear was incredibly helpful.

It was also during the rally that I discovered that the lady who lives inside my GPS seems to have a little bit of an attitude problem when it comes to recalculating,… but that is a story for another day.

Initially I wasnt sure how well I would be able to hear through the helmet speakers because I ride with earplugs in. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I was able to hear my music and the GPS, even with the deafening buffeting coming off of my Tiger’s windscreen at highway speeds.

Now that I have the Ural, being able to freely talk with my sidecar monkey has been a big help. Actually hearing, “Mom, I need to pee” works much better than taking my eyes off the road to try to figure out what the gesturing beside me means.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Being that there is only a glove-friendly jog wheel and a single button, you don’t get get confused about what you’re supposed to press or turn. I find it to be totally intuitive to use even when you’re concentrating on you know, riding.

Battery life has been great. I’m not actually sure how long the battery lasts because I haven’t had it go flat from full charge on a single day’s ride.

I had no trouble with the device riding 500 miles in the pouring rain from Virginia to Long Island. It worked like a champ.

Pairing the headset to my Zumo 660, my iPhone, and another headset is straightforward –  a piece o’cake.

Verdict So Far?

I’m so happy with the SMH10. It’s is greatest thing I didn’t even know I wanted! Now I can’t imagine riding without it.

I will update this post with any other findings during our travels together.

Stay tuned for a post on the SM10 Transmitter.


For More Information: Sena Bluetooth

Review Disclaimer: I did receive these products complimentary. This will in no way influence my opinion on the product. That would be crap.