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Haircuts, Frost and the End of the World

Haircuts, Frost and the End of the World

I rode the Ural to my haircut appointment the other night. When I walked in, the receptionist offered to take my jacket as she usually does. She musn’t’ve been used to taking many skunky looking motorcycle jackets because her face looked totally grossed out. Oopsie 🙂

When I left the salon the sun had long since set. There was a dampness that hung on the cold air. You could see it making halos around the orangey lamps that lit the parking lot.

frosty motorcycle seat

It was the first time that I remember seeing frost so far this year.

It is nearly the 21st of December, the winter solstice when we make our way over the hump to days that get longer. Or, to the end of the world, you know if you traded in your Far Side desk calendar for a Mayan one.

So help me, if the world ends so soon after I got this fabulous haircut I’m going to be pissed.

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