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Fatbike Long Island – Big Dune Buggy

Fatbike Long Island – Big Dune Buggy

You can file Pirate’s Cove under one of those places that I have overlooked for far too long.

fatbike long island sound side

On Saturday morning, with the sky bright and blue I made my way over to the Cove so that I could relax and do some beach riding. It was another one of those days where I had the whole place to myself. Meanwhile… the mall was packed with cars. ::shrug:: Oh well, lucky me!

pirates cove port jefferson

The view from up on the sandy hills is awesome. Unfortunately, photos flatten out just how high they are when you’re on top of them.

long island fatbike

I rode along the shoreline, up the hill from the west and headed up to the tallest section to the east.

fatbike long island

You get to take in so much from that vantage point. Being in a place that feels “tall” on Long Island is kind of hard to come by.

view from pirates cove

When I mounted up and began to roll down the hill, it occurred to me that being a clumsy ass and all, I might break my neck. Miracle of miracles, I managed to keep myself upright. Maybe I’m finally becoming a graceful swan? Nahhhhhhhhhh.

riding down the dune in pirates cove

Fatbike on the Beach at Fire Island

Fatbike on the Beach at Fire Island

As imperfect as Long Island is for riding a motorcycle, it as equally as perfect for beach riding a fatbike. Go figure.

fatbike on the beach fire island

The first “long” ride I took with Lord Chubbleton was on Fire Island. What started with a casual ride along the shoreline, turned into a 20 mile roll.

Now, I know in the grand scheme of bicycle rides 20 isn’t very long. But for my inexperienced legs in the sand? It was.

fatbikes at the fire island lighthouse

George and I rode east from Robert Moses along the beach, chit-chatting away. Before we knew it 10 miles had passed.

fire island red phone booth atm

In the interest of different scenery, we left the beach and headed into the towns.

There are no paved roads on Fire Island. There is nothing but sand.

fatbikes near sunken forest sign

And deer.

deer on fire island

This sweet little baby was unfazed by me as I rode closer and closer. I stopped and took out my phone and it didn’t even flinch. How wonderful and terrible.

They’re just so cute. I want to hug one.

Getting Fat at Caumsett State Park

Getting Fat at Caumsett State Park

My friend George was really the person who lit the fire in me to get a fatbike. Seeing his ride pushed me over the edge to buy a bicycle. It’s probably no surprise then that he’s the person that I have been riding with most often. He’s a good sport, the adventurous type and seems to be up for anything.

caumsett map

Since neither one of us had really spent any time there before, we made a plan to check out Caumsett State Park in Lloyd Harbor.

Prior to our fatbike ride, my only 2 visits to Caumsett State Park were for running events. I had never even ventured off of the paved path. When George and I rolled along the dirt road towards the beach it was really eye opening to see how big and wooded the park actually is. A great surprise. The park is diverse. It has beach front, trails, paved paths, dirt roads… a little of everything.

old rickety walkway

I love having the GoPro clicking away on my handlebars. It’s awesome to come home and see what it captured along the way.

fatbikes at caumsett

There is always some new-to-me beautiful thing, some unexpected site with each trip on the fatbike. It keeps driving home the idea that there is so little that I know about the world and about my surroundings. The only right thing to do would be to keep getting out there and soaking it all in. It’s would be a cryin’ shame to waste the beauty.

fatty the seal at caumsett

While we were pedaling around on the beach we spotted this fatty basking on a rock.

eroding cliffs at caumsett and a fatbike

Along the beachfront by the eroding cliffs, there were stripes of water that trickled down and worked their way towards the Sound. These muddy patches were like ice! I came very close to wiping out which of course would have been hysterical 😀

muddy tires fatbike
The mud was very clay-like and caked up on our tires very quickly. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

fatbike love on the beach

These two look like they’re in love. Long walks on the beach, sunsets… I wonder if 9 months they’ll be expecting a tricycle?

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