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Red Rose and Crossing the Border at the Banana Curve

Red Rose and Crossing the Border at the Banana Curve

After leaving the Marie Antoinette Overlook, I continued on Route 6 to the town of Towanda, Pennsylvania.

My next stop would be for some breakfast at the lovely time capsule The Red Rose Diner. It sits 472 miles from Provincetown, Massachusetts on Route 6 to the east and 3180 miles from Long Beach, California to the west.

If you’re in the area, don’t skip it. It’s worth stopping for a bite. The owner is a super friendly former rider who takes pictures of the travelers who belly-up to the counter for some grub before they set off again. Even if you try to resist. 🙂

“Ladies Invited” made me snicker.

Everyone bags on hipsters. Artisanal this, artisanal that. But when I see lovely old things that might be made by hand like the center part of this cemetery gate with its gold lettering and swirly filigree – I think maybe those beardos are on to something. Making beautiful things with your hands seems like a worthwhile endeavor. Everything doesn’t have to be done in a bland, hurried way.

Now, I don’t profess to know much about anything, really. But I know even less than that about this:

It’s a… dinosaur… tree? Granted my thoughts go off on wild tangents every so often. One minute you’re thinking about boiling an egg and the next thing you know you’re remembering being in a basement in Italy. The brain is a mysterious thing. But I’m not sure that I’ve ever plumbed its musty depths so deeply that a lovingly painted, chainsaw-carved dinosaur tree would’ve come to 3 dimensional fruition. This is the perfect example of why crazy people are awesome. They keep you guessing.

Look at this sweet baby <3 I can’t resist stopping to say hello to donkey-friends. Even when they throw shade and sideways glance me.

I crossed the border from Sayre, Pennsylvania back in to New York but not before passing this sign outside of the hilariously named Banana Curve Diner.

Sage advice.

Roof Cows, Rust and Donkeys at Cool Springs Park

Roof Cows, Rust and Donkeys at Cool Springs Park

The very first time that I ever saw any reference to the Cool Springs Park store on Rt 50 in West Virginia was on Kathy’s blog – Appalachian Tours.

I had no conscious intention of visiting, it just happened to be on the route we were following for the day. When we pulled into the lot and I saw the cow on the roof, I thought, “Heeeeey, I know this place!” So thanks, Kathy!

Cool Springs Park Roof Cow

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Cool Springs Park is near a sweet set of switchbacks, there is a cow on the roof and what I didn’t know was that there are far more interesting things that this place holds in its bosom.

Cool Springs Park

bear traps at cool springs parkAs you might imagine judging by the laundry list of items that are posted on their sign outside, they sell a loooot of interesting wares. It’s the kind of place that will make your husband say “Oh, no” when you pull up.

Their shelves were a haphazard hodgepodge of stuff piled up everywhere. It was no surprise to find that they held typical fare like magnets, rubber sharks, t-shirts, ceramic chickens,… bear traps. Natch.

Just like your local 7-11, right?

Outside behind the building they had some old machinery contraptions like mining equipment, tractors, small steam engines, antique cars that were returning to the Earth in the form of rust flakes.

Kenny on the tractor
Kenny considers a new line of work. ::beep:beep::

But the absolute BEST part of our stop there – donkeys. Yes, two crazy cute, scruffy heehaws.

donkey at cool springs park

This one in particular took a shine to me. When I walked away after giving it some love it got up and followed me, leaning hard in to me begging for more scratchins.

donkey at cool springs park

I kind of loved this donkey a little too much. I wished I could’ve taken it home.

Wouldn’t it look cute wearing a helmet and goggles on the back of my bike?

More About Cool Springs Park

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