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Day 27: What Are You Talking About? – #29in29

Day 27: What Are You Talking About? – #29in29

Kenny, bless his blonde little heart, can be pretty animated when he speaks. He uses his hands quite a bit. In other news – I’ve been told that I’m as nutty as a fruitcake so there is a lot of clarifying of what I mean going on.

Between you and me, I had no idea fruitcakes even had nuts, but whatever.

“What are you talking about?”

Kenny DRZ

“What does that even mean?”

Kenny sand pit

“Okay, I give up. What are you talking about?”

Kenny helmet

“Whoa. I have NO idea what you’re talking about.”

Kenny Husky

 Love that guy 😆

Day 1: Beware of the Creeper – #29in29

Day 1: Beware of the Creeper – #29in29

29in29 Blog Post ChallengeIt’s so great to let the GoPro run in photo-mode. You really find some candid gems when sifting through the stack of photos that you took throughout the day.

I love this one of Kenny:

GoPro Kenny Alien

Doesn’t he look like a menacing alien creeper? I think I’m going to get him a Team Anal Probe sticker for his bike.

Sunday Trail Riding With the Family

Sunday Trail Riding With the Family

Every time that we go out trail riding as a family, I come home with a little more amazement about how children learn to do things.

Chloe looking innocent

Riding along behind Chloe I’m so fascinated by watching her pick her lines through the terrain, making the decision of which mud she felt she could handle or which she should avoid. But, most of all there is a confidence that I really admire. A kid has the ability to just take everything in stride as it comes their way.

Have you ever been dusted by your own kid on a dirt bike? It’s the greatest thing ever. Cracks me up every time.

Chloe in the woods

The big kids were out playing, too.

GLantern1098 gets some air

They amaze me for nearly the same reasons.

Big kid toys

I on the other hand continue my streak of just falling over when there is nothing but air under one foot. My riding is much less glamorous and exciting than the folks I ride with. Pretty soon I think they’re going to outfit my helmet with a dunce cap attached to the top of it.

sleepy drz

These motorcycles… I tell ya. They’re such a great way to share time with the people in your life. You learn so much more than just getting from point A to point B. <3

Photos from a Sunday Trail Ride

Photos from a Sunday Trail Ride

Our free candy van

Sunday morning felt nice and easy. Lionel Richie was really on to something.

Kenny and I rode along with our bikes loaded in the “Free Candy” van. The cloud ceiling was hanging low and looked like cotton batting across the sky. The temperatures stayed in the very comfortable upper 50s all day.

I sat there on the super-70s sheepskin seat cover making a deal with myself that  I would work toward putting some of my fear demons to bed on this ride; that I would give myself a break and relax.

After unloading our bikes, we headed down the dusty road towards the woods and I felt… hopeful.

Heading along the dusty road

Throughout the day, I didn’t feel that same hesitation that I’d had about things just two weeks prior. I felt more natural heading up and down the hills, more fluid riding through the tight trees and over obstacles.

kenny riding on the road

Overall I’m tip-toeing forward but at least I’m going in the right direction. I feel pretty good about that.

Kenny near a sand dune

Its great to have people to watch and learn from. What I appreciate most is their patience and encouragement.

Ben and Kenny on the dusty road

Another great day in the books. Can’t wait until next time!

DRZ Fun: Spending a Saturday on the Trails

DRZ Fun: Spending a Saturday on the Trails

On Saturday, GL, Kenny and I spent the day riding doing some trail and woods riding. It was, in a word… fabulous.

The morning started off a bit cold and windy. My un-gloved hands were stinging as I tried to buckle my boots before heading off on our ride. It’s amazing how quickly you warm up once you get moving and get into the woods. I was able to peel off my windbreaker and enjoy the sunshine even though it never crested 45 degrees all day.

Heading towards the woods

GL in the dirtI’ve been pretty open about my feelings regarding my progress or lack thereof transitioning from street to dirt riding. Someone I know jokingly tossed out that maybe taking up dirt riding now that I’m a lot closer to 40 than 30 isn’t the best idea. At first I just laughed it off because he likes to bag on me that I’m getting old. But, I think that in some ways there may be something to it. I’ve got decades of learning to be afraid under my belt 😆

Thinking back now about what it was like when I first started street riding, I don’t recall having the same general trepidation that I do now. Giving myself over to the process, allowing the bike to float, avoiding the front brake; it all seems so different. So much to unlearn and re-learn.

There is a vagueness in feel of the rear brake pedal through the sole of my boot that I just can’t seem to completely come to terms with yet. I keep expecting the feedback that I get from the soles of my street boots and it just isn’t there. But even as the day wore on it became less of an issue. I guess I began to get used to or understand the sliding better.

Simply put, I just need more practice.

Flexing my muscles
Flexing my muscles

I had some personal breakthroughs that helped me better manage my shortcomings. One being that I have found it helpful to think only of the obstacle at hand and work on tackling it and it alone. I’m working on not thinking about the next thing until I find myself at the next thing. Narrowing my focus and not looking at the bigger picture has been helpful.

Kenny - My Handsome Devil on his DRZ

While talking with our friend F’n Hal, he mentioned something so simple but easily overlooked depending on your general mental outlook. The basic premise was – If you say I can’t do this, you won’t be able to do it. You can’t go in defeated because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to say okay, how do I do this… and figure it out!

Monkeying around in the woods

I know, this may all sounds like new-agey mumbo jumbo to some of you but, it’s what carries me through to the other side. I’m one of those annoyingly “thinky” people.

GL & K in the pit

Being able to watch and ride with people who are patient and understanding helps a lot. That said, I’m still having a hard time getting over the feeling that I’m holding everyone up because I’m not moving as fast as they are. But, I’ll get there.

Hands down – This was the best day of off-road riding that I’ve had to date. I came home buzzing with excitement. I can hardly wait to be able to go again.

And on an entirely girlie and (hideously kitschy,) superficial note… my leopard print Shift jersey is awesome. To spice it up a little more, do you think anyone makes goggles that look like the frames of Dame Edna‘s glasses? I would totally get those.

I have terrible taste.

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