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A Surprise Roadside Animal Menagerie in Pennsylvania

A Surprise Roadside Animal Menagerie in Pennsylvania

While I was on my way to see the Snoopy barn in Nazareth, Pa. I happened to pass by this house with a great menagerie of critters in the front yard.

If I had just one of these animals, I’d be happy. But to have them all? Man. Sadly I can’t remember exactly where this place is. The only thing I know for sure is that I was between Belvidere, New Jersey and Nazareth, Pa.

I love the look on this guys face. It’s like he fell asleep on the train and woke up here and has no idea what’s going on.

Just look at this collection. That crazy bear who’s all hell yeah! about his fish? I mean, c’mon!

Can you imagine the conversation about the buffalo on the far left? “No, babe, let’s turn him around so everyone can see his balls!” I could absolutely imagine dying of laughter in the front yard while directing Kenny to turn Buff around. The people who live here are probably just the right amount of weird.

Relationship Goals:


A Nod to Roadside Americana Staple – The Dinosaur

A Nod to Roadside Americana Staple – The Dinosaur

Over the weekend, I stopped and had a chat with this motley crew. Aren’t they a handsome bunch?

Dinosaurs are a hugely popular fixture in the roadside Americana landscape. Their popularity seems to transcend visitors’ age, social rank, gender and every other qualifier I can think of. I have yet to meet a person who harbors a white-hot hatred of dinosaurs.

My roadside holy grail of the dinosaur kingdom was visiting the Cabazon Dinosaurs in December 2016. Climbing up the stairs into the belly of Dinny was glorious. Until scientists finally clone the wooly mammoth, I think Cabazon will be my high-dino-watermark.


source: flickr

Should I find myself in the neighborhood of Highland Heights, Kentucky, I do want to stop in for a peek at “Stegowagenvolkssaurus” by Patricia A. Renick. It was a bonus location in the 2017 Iron Butt Rally. And I have to admit, it looks pretty awesome.

Atlas Obscura just ran a feature about the ubiquitous roadside dino. Check it out:

Documenting America’s Long, Venerable Tradition of Roadside Dinosaurs
Photographer John Margolies spent nearly 40 years documenting what we now know as “roadside Americana”—the gas stations, motels, drive-ins, and diners that attracted road trippers with quirky signs and kooky architecture. In 2017, a year after Margolies died at the age of 76, the Library of Congress made its Margolies holdings available online—more than 11,000 color photos of food-shaped restaurants, catchy neon signs, and an intriguingly large number of dinosaurs.

Postcards From The Road: Land of the Lost

Postcards From The Road: Land of the Lost

Greetings from Dinosaurland!
Whitepost, Va.

Saturday June 2, 2012

Hi Y’all!

Having a great time moseying around below the Mason-Dixon line. We’re makin’ some new friends along the way. When you see a T-Rex on the road, what else is there to do but stop and say ‘hello!’

Wish you were here.
xox- FG.

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