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The Places In The Backs Of Our Minds

The Places In The Backs Of Our Minds

It’s like déjà vu all over again

Sometimes I’ll be riding along in what I believe to be an unfamiliar area only to have my internal voice say, “I feel like I’ve been here before.” You could chalk it up to riding déjà vu. But if you’re often traipsing around, the chances are good that you really have been there before.

Triumph bonneville nuclear plant - riding Déjà vu - i've been here before
October 2017

It’s rare that I will follow a planned route for any length of time. My navigation style is often a mix of feel and then point to point if I am looking for something specific. Going by feel involves a lot of subconscious choices.

But at what point does the subconscious stop being sub? Is there some interim state between sub and fully conscious?

I Guess I’m a Creature of Habit

The types of roads we choose can become routine. I mean, I’m always going to err on the side of wiggly when I can. If I pass through the same unfamiliar area twice and gaze at the map to get my bearings – I might gravitate to a road I’ve traveled before. Even if I don’t initially realize that I’ve ever been on it.

Whatever attracted me the first time will likely suck me in again. Especially if I have the subconscious awareness of being there before. Add in the notion that I had a good time there too, and we have a winner.

April 2016

Aside from riding déjà vu, perhaps the same is true for the photos we take. The thing that made you snap once, will probably move you again.

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