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Ride Inspiration: Lake Reschensee Drowned Church Tower

Ride Inspiration: Lake Reschensee Drowned Church Tower

corvara italyA few years ago, before we’d taken our first riding trip to Italy I had a page torn out of an American Express travel pamphlet. It was the town of Corvara, Italy nestled in the bosom of the Dolomites. From the first time that I thumbed through that magazine, that village was something that I knew I had to see with my own eyes.

Why? Who knows?

Really why does it matter, the reason that it is important to you? When a dream sets my heart alight, I’ve found it’s best to not question it too deeply. Something dumb like logic might end up talking me out of going after it.

I’ve got another dalliance or two that have wormed their way into my brain. One of them is stopping to see the drowned church tower in Lake Reschensee. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the Stelvio Pass.

There is something so surreal about the photos of the tower. It’s like something out of a dream. For whatever reason, I’d like to check that out. You know, if we happened to be riding in the neighborhood one of these days.

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Church Sign: The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

Church Sign: The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

I love this message: The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose.

This sign is found on Route 25 in Greenport, NY. Their signs are consistently entertaining.

The Purpose of a Life is a Life of Purpose Fuzzygalore Motorcycle Blog

Looking for a sign from God? Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle Blog Only Turkeys Dont Give Thanks Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle Blog Will the Road You Are On Lead to My Place Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle Blog

Some of my favorite Church Signs were:

Church Sign: Only Turkeys Don’t Give Thanks

Church Sign: Only Turkeys Don’t Give Thanks

The first person who looked at a turkey and decided that it looked like good eats must’ve been one seriously starving mofo.

A happy and safe holiday to you and yours. Be careful out there on the road. People drive like idiots! Hmmm. Maybe I should laminate up some one finger salute cards for you guys…

Happy Thanksgiving!

To Tell The Truth: Will The Road You Are On Get You To My Place?

To Tell The Truth: Will The Road You Are On Get You To My Place?

Will the road you are on get you to my place? …God

I ride past this church sign all the time on the way in to town. Of all of the local church signs, this particular one consistently has the best quips posted. Even if you aren’t in to the big J.C. you can usually find the humor or value in just the expression itself.

I’d have to say that my favorite one was… If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. That would probably be kind of nice. I don’t think anyone else actually has a picture of me anywhere, so if God could hook me up like that I’d really appreciate it. Do you think he knows if the light bulb goes out when he closes the door?

Earlier in the evening as I was riding along in the quiet of my helmet, I was struggling in the grips of my usual self-absorbed existential meltdown. The days’ events unfolded like a newspaper, the phone conversations, the private thoughts, the demons that haunt me all there scrolling across my mind as the miles ticked by and the sun set over my shoulder.

I realized I’m plagued with wondering if I could ever be brave enough to not withhold the truth about my feelings from people. Would it be more kind to unleash my anger because it would be honest or would it be better to trundle on in my disillusioned disappointment?

I don’t know if this road I’m on today will lead me to God or not, but it’s definitely leading me to People-are-Full-of-Shitsville. That’s the next town over from You-are-making-me-crazyburg.

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