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Giant Chicken Army – Liberty, New York Edition

Giant Chicken Army – Liberty, New York Edition

Throughout the fall, winter and the cold parts of spring, I spent a lot more time driving than I did riding. Putting the heat vents on your feet, wearing gloves and a hat make driving with the top down on the convertible really lovely. Even down into the 40 degree temps.

Though it was dreary and rainy and the top remained decidedly up, one of my spring day trips in the car was around the Catskills where I’ve ridden many motorcycle miles. Sometimes the heart just wants to wander and so off you go.

We cruised up along the Delaware River, along Route 97 passing through Hawks Nest. Hooking a right on 55, we made our way through the town of Liberty where… what is this now?!

Well, well, well! If it isn’t a card carrying member of the Giant Chicken Army! Serendipity strikes again.

giant chicken army - fiberglass rooster - liberty new york

Do my eyes deceive me or do you too see the paint worn away in what can only be explained as people have clearly been sitting on this fine gentleman?

I myself did not attempt anything of the sort. With my luck I would’ve gotten unceremoniously wedged in the saddle and some bewildered passer by would have had to call the fire department to pry me loose.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

[distant hysteria on the line]

“What’s this now, ma’am? Ma’am, please. Ok. Ok, ma’am. Please, I can’t understand you if you keep laughing. Slow down. Pink hair…? Giant… chicken? Seven feet tall, you say?! Stuck? We’re dispatching the jaws of life.”

The corner of Main and Darbee hosts some lovely retrolicious sights. We’re treated to a “drugs” ghost sign, color-blocking and neon, a restored Gold Medal Flour mural, vintage signage and metal cladding hugging olde tyme display windows and decidedly fab swoopy handled doors.

gold medal flour mural - liberty new york

Liberty exudes the smoldering ember vibe that I love. Towns like this always have vintage treasures hiding in plain sight if you just slow down and take a look. Fading Americana.

krugs stationery neon sign liberty new rok
town & country neon sign liberty new york
Nothing But Rain for Color in the Catskills

Nothing But Rain for Color in the Catskills

Before we even left Long Island on Friday afternoon, we knew it was going to be rainy on Saturday. The weather forecast called for a 90% chance. The meteorologist was all in. But thankfully, based on the radar it seemed like we’d have clear sunny skies bookending the weekend.

So? We’d have a rainy day ride on Saturday. A little rain never hurt anyone. Or maybe it has and we’ve just been fooling ourselves all this time.

Pit stop at Kaaterskill Falls.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

Rain, rain, go away.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

It was hard to believe what a slow trickle the falls was this year.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

This is what it has looked like in years past:

fuzzygalore kaaterskill falls

We’re not scared of a little drizzle!

fuzzygalore kaaterskill falls

The view from the top of the falls.

Or, more accurately, a view of me at the top of the not-so-fallsy-falls.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate we still had a great time.

A lesson I need to learn over and over and over again: Sometimes you’ve just go to get on with things. If you’re going to sit around waiting for ideal conditions, you’re going to end up disappointed. A lot. Grab your life by the collar, shake it up real good-like and shout, “I will have fun, damn it!”

Day Ride: I Got ‘Skills

Day Ride: I Got ‘Skills

Took a ride to the Catskills~

I played a bit of hookey yesterday, taking a day off from work. It was blazing hot out. 95 in the shade in there wasn’t any shade. If one more person tells me its a dry heat, i’m gonna come out swinging. The oven is a dry heat. I’m not hanging out in there without complaining either.

So, anywho – I toodled around Westchester and Dutchess, making my way along to cross over the Hudson on the Newburg Beacon Bridge. Meandering past the Mohonk Mountain House, and eventually into the Catskills by way of some nice and empty roads. Man, this hookey business is great. There was no one else is on the road in the middle of the day.

Delaware & Ulster Railroad rail tours: durr.org

Somewhere in route 30

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