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Dancing with Strangers on the Road

Dancing with Strangers on the Road

Riding your motorcycle instead of your office chair feels a little extra sweet, doesn’t it? On this particular Wednesday after hopping off the ferry and heading north I found myself heading up route 8 north from the Connecticut/Massachusetts border.

While the tires of my bike began to eat up the road I spotted another rider a few turns ahead. As I closed in on him, I discovered that it was a gentleman on a vintage bike. He was out enjoying his midweek ride, too.

Did you ever notice that you can “feel” something happen between you and another rider on the road? Though you don’t really know anything about each other, as the gap of distance closes between you, there passes some similar knowledge or understanding; some kind of connection. You become acutely aware of each others presence in a way that you never would in a car.

The two of us rode along together for about 10 miles. I watched the rider’s body shift and lean through the turns and wondered how many times that old bike had made it’s way along those roads.

When my pavement dance ended with my anonymous partner it closed with a wave and a smile. Time well spent together.

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