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Sunday Ride: Soaking up the Autumn Light at the Beach

Sunday Ride: Soaking up the Autumn Light at the Beach

There is something especially beautiful about the morning light at this time of the year. I don’t know if it is the colors that get reflected from the trees and grass, the suns position in the sky or maybe it’s some special pixie dust on the air. It’s like a gift, but one you trade the warm weather for.

triumph tiger at captree state park

This morning, I hopped on the Tiger to head out towards the beach. Sometimes I just need to be near the water.

Though it is a pin straight road, I find something about Ocean Parkway so wonderful and relaxing. Riding along next to the reeds, the dunes, the ocean is just perfect.

I came from the western end of Ocean and rode its length out to Captree Park on the eastern side. There were no other cars, it was just me and my motorcycle thump… thump… thumping across the splits in the roadway pavement.

fuzz at captree park

There was no one else around when I pulled in and parked my bike at Captree. I walked over to a picnic table to take in the view. Most of the time when I go to the water I do nothing more than just to sit there, listening, watching sun glinting on the ripples of the surface.

squinting in the sun

The sun was so strong and the air so cool, I laid back on the table and closed my eyes. Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do.

Did you get out for a Sunday Ride today?

I Spy: Rat Fink on a Sweet Bobber

I Spy: Rat Fink on a Sweet Bobber

Bobber at CaptreeDuring the winter, when I’m looking for “something to do” I sometimes stop in to one of the local gear head hangs on Sunday morning at Captree State Park.

The best thing about these types of loose gatherings is that you never know what is going to turn up. There is always plenty of eye candy on hand.

Today, amongst the rows of parked hotrods, vintage beauties, Ferraris and Lamborghinis was my favorite thing of the day… a sweet bobber.

Now, this may not be something anyone would immediately identify as my type of motorcycle for riding, and that may be true – but I think it drips coolness.

Admittedly I don’t know anything about the bike or the powerplant. Please school me if you know anything by looking at the pic.

Bobber at Captree

Rat FinkDid any of you eagle-eyed readers happen to notice on the Rat Fink sticker on the right side? I am strangely infatuated with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth‘s work. Believe it or not, when the rider pulled in the first thing my eyes went to was Rat Fink.

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