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Imagine Me & You and You & Me…

Imagine Me & You and You & Me…

As usual, I was flipping thru my picture archive looking for something to strike my fancy. There it is, todays picture the beautiful Royal Enfield Bullet. Delightful. If I dare say, charming.

Royal Enfield Bullet

[cue harps for daydream sequence]

I can see me with my pink, silk scarf flowing, tootling down the road under a cloudless, blue sky. Heart shaped puffs of exhaust leave a perfumed trail in my wake. The trees gently wave to me as I putt-putt along.

‘Why, hello there, Miss Fuzzy. Fine day we’re having.’

A fine day indeed, Mr. Hemlock. All is right with the world when you’re piloting such a delightful machine. Oh Bullet, you are the consummate gentleman.

Well, except for that whole chauvinistic advertising literature thing…

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