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In Defense of the Bucket List

In Defense of the Bucket List

Just yesterday I read an article that pointed out what the author saw as a flaw in the bucket list process as it is often portrayed in contemporary culture:

As popularly conceived, however, the bucket list is far from being a reckoning with the weight of love in extremis, or an ethical or moral accounting. More often, it partakes of a commodification of cultural experience, in which every expedition made, and every artwork encountered, is reduced to an item on a checklist to be got through, rather than being worthy of repeated or extended engagement. 

– Kicking the Bucket List by Rebecca Mead

Personally, I think this is oversimplifying the process. We can’t know what goes on in the minds and hearts of men in the quiet moments of their lives. So they said out loud, “crossed that off the bucket list”? Does that mean that whatever that thing, that act, that item from their list was doesn’t dwell deep in their imagination or actively fuel their curiosity for the rest of their days? It could be a moment in time that sets fire to a personal passion that you, as an on-looker, know nothing about.

Or,… maybe it IS gamification of life experiences.

The best part of this conversation, I suppose, is that I don’t have to give a shit about what other people are doing.

On our recent trip through the Alps, I was able to visit several things that are on my bucket list. My list, which is very meaningful to me, helps me stay organized. It helps me to remember that there are things in the vicinity of where I am that are beautiful and wonderful though maybe less than obvious.

One stop in particular seems to have created more curiosity and questions about a man than it answered. I’m not quite ready to write about it yet, so I’ll leave you with this until then…

fuzzygalore giger bar gruyeres switzerland

We were in the belly of the beast.

Photo Gallery: Scenes from the Bucket List

Photo Gallery: Scenes from the Bucket List

My life’s To-Do List is a never-ending endeavor to see beautiful, fun, exciting, wondrous things in this world. Putting ideas on the list and daydreaming about them is almost as much fun as being able to mark them off as done. Almost.

These photos are some of the things I’ve been able to tick off and complete so far. They’re also a pick me up when I sit around feeling sorry for myself because  “I never go anywhere and I never do anything.”

I’ve still got more photos to add and things to post to my To Do List, but if I don’t get started now this will linger in draft forever-ever-ever-ever….

If you’ve got your own Bucket List or To Do List, share the link in the comments!


What’s the Real Story Behind a Bucket List?

What’s the Real Story Behind a Bucket List?

a peek at my bucket listLast week I read a blog post called Wanderlust is More Than Just a Bucket List on The Wanderlusters that really struck a chord with me. It was about how the idea of a bucket list reaches far beyond the “things” on it.

How many times have I jotted something down or bookmarked it to visit someday? Probably a million. But, get this – sometimes I even visit them! 🙂 And as I add ticks the visited column, there is usually a story that surrounds that trip.

What often starts as just I’d like to see that, turns into something bigger and richer than I could have ever known at the time that I scribbled it down. That’s the beauty of a bucket list. As it turns out, it’s often less about the thing… as it is about the doing of the thing.  It’s more about the unexpected sights along the way, the people you meet, the unplanned experiences you have while you’re seeking out the goal.

Do you keep a wish list of places to visit?

What do you use to keep track of everything – Paper & pen, app, map, something else?

The Importance of Keeping a Motorcycle To-Do List

The Importance of Keeping a Motorcycle To-Do List

For some, writing things down on a travel To Do List is a blow to the spontaneity of what riding a motorcycle should be about. And I get that. Being able to flitter hither and thither to wherever the winds takes you is all a part of the romance of the road.

And then, for people like me – sometimes writing things down on a list is the only way I can get them done.

One of the great ironies of my life is that I am always wishing for more free time – yet when it comes calling I am often paralyzed by all of the possibilities that free time presents. I have so many things that I *could* do, that can’t settle in to zeroing in on any one idea. Result? Wasted free time.

I find that picking something off of my many maps or lists saves me a hassle. I choose a spot and go. Serendipity will still be at work along the way and I get a bucket list homerun in the process.

In February, I wrote a post called: To Do List – My 2013 Motorcycle Roadside Stop Wishlist. It was inspired by a book that I’d received for Christmas. I picked out a few roadside-specific stops that I would like to visit in my travels on the bike this year.

Because life unfolds the way it wants to, I haven’t spent very much time riding this summer. I thought for sure that it would be another year of wish-listing instead of achieving. But where I thought I’d managed to visit none – I’ve managed to put a few marks in the DONE column.

Twistee Treat

The poor thing was still closed in the cold weather and was looking a bit beat up – even so, a place shaped like a giant ice cream cone is a-ok in my book.

Kane’s Donuts

Super-donut-extravaganza. O-shaped lovin’.

Kanes Donuts

Groveland Muffler Man – (Formerly) Named Yvon

He’s a muffler man. Of COURSE I’d want to visit him.

muffler man groveland massachusetts

I guess you could say the best thing about a travel To Do List is that you can never fully satisfy it. Or, at least I can’t. Just as fast as you check one thing off, you stumble across three more ideas to go on it. And that’s alright with me.

How About You?

Do you have a To Do List of places you want to travel to or things you’d like to visit on your bike?