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On the Road: My New Favorite Road Sign

On the Road: My New Favorite Road Sign

Today was a long day in the saddle. I have that tired and windburned feeling you get from riding all day. But, its all worth it because I had a great day.

While on the Blue Ridge Parkway today, I finally got a chance to snap a photo of a road sign that cracks me up every time I see it:

Sudden Curve Ahead Sign

On the Road: Foggy Photos from the Blue Ridge Parkway

On the Road: Foggy Photos from the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs from Waynesboro, Virginia in the north for 469 miles to the border of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park near Cherokee, North Carolina. Though it’s beautifully paved surface and sweeping lines will beckon you to turn up the gas, you have to be mindful as the speed limit is a mere 45mph. With beautiful mountain vistas, tranquil scenery and miles upon miles of meandering forest the Blue Ridge should be experienced at least once. Unfortunately most of my experiences have been in the wet and fog.

Crudmop in a Tunnel on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Foggy Blue Ridge ParkwayCrudmop in a Tunnel on the Blue Ridge ParkwayFoggy Blue Ridge ParkwaySpeed Triples in the Fog - Blue Ridge Parkway

Thanks to Google Maps, you can use street view to get a look at the entire length of the Parkway. This is great for viewing one of the most recognizable passages on the Parkway; the Linn Cove Viaduct at milepost 304.

Click to view in Google Maps
Click to view in Google Maps


  • Watch your speed!
    The federal police don’t have a very good sense of humor nor do they care if you’ve been riding motorcycles for 2,000 years and that you “know what you’re doing”.
  • Ride the Parkway mid-week:
    Mid-week excursions on the parkway may offer you smoother passage with fewer daytrippers in cages. There are few if any legal passing zones.
  • Limited exits and entrances to the parkway:
    If you don’t have GPS to tell you where the gas stations are, pick up a free parkway map pamphlet so you are aware of where you can get on or off. Some of the connecting roads to the parkway are a treat!
  • The roadway is subject to some serious fog!
    If your bike has hazard lights or flashers, ride with them on in the fog. Try to make yourself as visible as possible. Don’t hug the center line. You might not see oncoming traffic until they’re too close to do anything about it.

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