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What’s In Your Motorcycle Gear Pockets?

What’s In Your Motorcycle Gear Pockets?

Some people are tidy and organized in a way that I could never be. My motorcycle tankbag was always filled with scraps of paper, loose goldfish crackers, old receipts and junk that wasn’t necessary – on top of things I needed.

Now that I have the Tiger with sidebags and am tankbag-less for now, my side cases do the bulk of the work duty. One sidebag has things like rain gear, maps, highlighters, paper and a marker, my Slime pump and a Tire plugger kit. The other sidebag carries daily odds and ends like my work shoes and lunch.

That leaves my gear pockets open to be stuffed with scrappy odds and ends and the contents change from day to day. In answer to Trobairitz’ blog challenge, I emptied my jacket & pants this morning and this is what I had:

Whats in my pockets

What’s in my gear pockets?

  • Fleece gloves?
  • My wallet
  • iPhone
  • Loose change
  • Cough drops & old wrappers
  • Crumpled receipt (Port Jefferson Ferry)
  • 2! Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Sticks – one in jacket, one in pants
  • 2 pieces of beach glass
  • A couple bucks – mostly singles

What’s in your pockets?

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