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Moto Photo Blog-O-Rama Meme: Bridges

Moto Photo Blog-O-Rama Meme: Bridges

Motorcycles and photography are a match made in heaven. How about posting some of your fab motorcycle-related photos and sharing them with us based on a photo meme?

Photo Meme: Bridges

Bixby Creek Bridge California

This coastline photo features the Bixby Creek Bridge on California’s Route 1. It was taken in June 2008 when Kenny, Greg, Ed and I were on a California road trip together. This was our first traveling day; we rode south from San Francisco towards San Luis Obispo. Seeing the iconic bridge with my own eyes was such an amazing feeling,

I picked the meme Bridges after reading Kathy’s post on Appalachian Tours. I liked the photo of the stone bridge she posted. As it turns out, there is a bridge post on Steady on the Humble today, too!

Do you wanna play Motorcycle Photo Blog-O-Rama?

  • Post one of your motorcycle-related photos that suit this photo meme on your own blog.
  • Caption or describe your photo. Tell us where and when it was taken. Maybe include an interesting note about it.
  • Encourage others to post their photos!

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What is a Meme?
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