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A Surprise Visit From the Birthday Fairy

A Surprise Visit From the Birthday Fairy

It was my birthday this week. I wasn’t expecting anything other than to go out for dinner after work, maybe have a piece of cake. You know, normal grown-up birthday stuff. I don’t expect presents because don’t need a thing.

After work on Wednesday, Kenny was flittering around the house with a look on his face like the cat that ate the canary. I sat in my office chair and he came waltzing over and said, “I’m just too excited. I can’t wait anymore. Close your eyes.

He put his phone on my desk and said “open your eyes.”  There was a picture of a red & white Husqvarna TE310 staring back at me.

Happy Birthday, he said.

2009 Husqvarna TE 310
My new to me 2009 Husqvarna TE 310


I’m terrible with words. It just so happens that I’m one of those people who gets tongue tied and flubs what I want to say. So, I often just stay quiet. Not to mention you never really know just what to say when someone gives you something extravagant. Thank you? That never seems to be big enough.

Kenny then went on to tell me that it would be delivered the following day.

Special Delivery for Fuzzygalore

Fast forward to this morning. A big rig pulled up in front of our house, delivering my new to me motorcycle. I ran outside to watch the driver wheeling the bike down the empty trailer.

I may have squealed. But just a little.

Our neighbors were heading off to work at the same time the truck pulled up and began to unload. They smiled and didn’t say anything but I’m thoroughly convinced that they think we’re a bunch of idiots over here. And, well – they may be right but we’re having a lot of fun doing it.

Husky TE310 delivered

When the bike came off the dolly, my first thought standing next to it was Oh boy, this is tall. But as I walked it up our driveway I was immediately struck by how light and easy to maneuver it was compared to the DRZ.

Apparently Kenny had been on the lookout for a Husky for me for a few months now. During the bike show in January I sat on a TE 250 and spoke with Fred Hoess at the Husky display at length. I guess that was what pushed Kenny over the edge to pull the trigger on finding a bike for me.

Me and my new toy

The bike is definitely tall for me. Kenny, thinking ahead had already ordered a 1in. Kouba Link  and put it on this afternoon 🙂 Is he the best or what?

So far my test rides have only been around the block. The bike feels TINY; so narrow and light. It feels like there isn’t even a gas tank between your knees. I can only imagine this bike will help me in the confidence department when we’re riding in the woods. C’mon weekend!

Listen – I’m not Mother Theresa or a ravishing beauty and I haven’t cured cancer. So, what did I do to get so lucky? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that I am grateful and then some.

Happy Birthday: Some Things Just Aren’t What They Seem

Happy Birthday: Some Things Just Aren’t What They Seem

For the last few weeks, my honey Kenny has been peppering any talk of my birthday with puppy dog eyes and apologies like ‘ I wish your birthday gift was here in time for your actual birthday.’

$345 Dollars

I really don’t want for much. I am a very fortunate soul. The only thing I’d been buzzing on about for the last few weeks was a pair of shoes. They just happen to be faaaar too expensive and many might argue far too ugly to wear in public.

To me, that’s a lot of loot for a pair of shoes that don’t serve a special purpose like say, a motorcycle boot. I’ve toyed with the idea of buying these stupid shoes for myself. I’ve danced around the ‘add to cart’ button, come to my senses and closed the web browser on more than one occasion. I’m not nice to my things. I don’t covet them or give them special treatment. I break them, I use them up and I ruin them. That’s just my way. So $345 is out of my league.


Gift giving around the Fuzzmop house has often been about getting each other the things we know we wouldn’t buy for ourselves. As Chloe and Kenny exchanged knowing glances with each other over the last week, I settled into a satisfying guilt certain that they’d ordered those expensive shoes for me.

When I walked up to the front door after work today, my daughter Chloe was in the grips of a full wiggle-dance on the other side of the glass. I opened the door and she set off running with the words “Mom, you have to come to the garage!” trailing behind her.  I followed her in.

“Happy Birthday, Mom!”

The Best Kept Secret

My family bought me a 09′ Suzuki DRZ 400. Apparently just about everyone in my immediate universe knew this secret plan was in motion. I am amazed at how much effort the people in my life go through to make me happy. I was and am, stunned and humbled by all of this.

Fuzzygalore New Motorcycle Suzuki DRZ 400

So How is It?

I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out! Of course I had to head out for a quick ride just to see what everything felt like. It’s a whole other animal than I am used to. My preliminary ride was across the front lawn and around the block. I’m  hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I guess I’ll have to get myself some new boots after all…

Suzuki DRZ 400 Fuzzygalore Motorcycle