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Judging a Biker by Their Leather

Judging a Biker by Their Leather

fuzzygalore motorcycles parked in town

The last day of November was unseasonably warm. As such, there were a lot of motorcycles out enjoying the weather. After pedaling around for a few hours in my fatbike, I took the a Tiger out for a spin and popped in to town for coffee.

I sat at a picnic table looking through photos on my phone, sipping my cuppa joe when a biker came over and said hello. On the surface he looked exactly like what any movie or tv show would dress a biker up as – jeans, chain wallet, black leather boots, vest with patches.

That type of garb can put people off. That just seems to be the way it is. But, ya know? That guy? That guy was just… plain ole nice. He was pleasant, positive, friendly, shook my hand, excused himself when he cursed in front of a lady 😀

Some part of me probably judged him at first glance. And maybe he did the same to me. But in a split second pretense was gone because someone took the chance and said hi.

I can’t help but feel like much of the non-riding public who glance at us motorcyclists makes some snap judgement regarding what we’re about. In my imaginings it tends to go negative. It’s so easy to paint “groups” with a broad brush based on a few crappy apples. How do we change that? Is it even possible? Is this rush to judgment a necessary part of the human condition?

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