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The Barber Museum: Harley-Davidson Powered Buell RR 1000 Battletwin

The Barber Museum: Harley-Davidson Powered Buell RR 1000 Battletwin

I used to have a big, gray G-shock wristwatch. The band on it was made of a stretchy, elasticized material. Every day after work I would ride my bicycle while wearing that watch. All summer long I would pedal, pedal, pedal – keeping time with my G-Shock watch.

The more I would pedal, pedal, pedal under the summer sun the more sweat would build up in my watchband. I had to be diligent about washing it if I knew what was good for me.

Over time the watch would grow rather…ripe. In the course of doing something as natural and mundane as putting my hair up in a ponytail, my hand would sweep past my face and I would catch a whiff of my pungent watchband. It had a cheesy and slightly rancid smell; the smell of weeks of sweat trapped in its fibers.

Out of some sick, perverse human inclination I would willfully take a whiff of the band every now and then. I knew it stunk and still, I would periodically smell it. On purpose.

The end result was always the same, “Man, that stinks!”

The Buell Battlewtin reminds me of my smelly watchband. It’s hideous and yet, I was unable to tear my eyes away from looking at it while we visited the Barber Museum. I repeatedly found myself drawn to it’s absurdly bulbous Beluga whale-ness.

Buell Battletwin Barner Museum - Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle    Blog

It looks like something they built 50 years ago as a representation of what motorcycles would look like in the year 2000 when we lived on the moon.

Buell Battletwin Barber Museum
The RR 1200… more power AND a rainbow!

The 80’s were an interesting time. They gave rise to being gagged with a spoon, Flock of Seagulls haircuts and the Battletwin. Erik Buell‘s strange creation was first birthed in his workshop in 1985.

While the Italians at Ducati were busy creating the beautiful 851, America’s forward thinkers were busy with this. Is there ever really an excuse for a Caldor rainbow on a motorcycle?

Buell RR 1000 Battletwin - Barber Museum Buell Battletwin Barber Museum Buell Battletwin Barber Museum

And yet, for all it’s strangeness – I just can’t quit it! I can’t stop looking at it. Am I alone here?

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