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Fading Americana: Ceresota Flour Barn – Lehigh County, PA

Fading Americana: Ceresota Flour Barn – Lehigh County, PA

Fifty years from now, what will my generation have left behind that tugs at the heartstrings of people who like to play the “Remember when…” game? What will our contribution to fading Americana be?

Painted Barns

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time then you probably know that I am completely enamored by Mail Pouch Tobacco barns and advertising. But, I’m certainly not one to turn up my nose at any of the other lovely painted barns that decorate the landscape of rural America.

There is something perfect and sweet about the life that I imagine being attached to such places. In my mind they represent an ideal, a kind of life that is fading from the fabric of America as sanitized suburbia creeps further and further.

Ceresota Flour Barn Lehigh County Pennsylvania

This Ceresota Flour barn on the Limeport Pike near Coopersburg, PA has to be one of the most lovely painted barns I’ve seen. And as it turns out, this mural replaced a fading Mail Pouch ad. I thought that the blue trim around the barn edges was reminiscent of Mail Pouch.

Ceresota painted barn pennsylvania

It makes me happy to know that there are people out there in the world who are working to hang on to the shadows of our popular culture.

See it on the ole Roadside Map.

New Jersey Mail Pouch Barn Spotting

New Jersey Mail Pouch Barn Spotting

One of the good things about Mail Pouch Tobacco barn hunting is that barns is that, well, barns are usually at farms. Farms are often on rambling roads. For a suburban motorcyclist – that spells good times.

Rambling New Jersey Road

A few weeks ago, Kenny and I set off to ride a nice loop of northwestern New Jersey to do a little barn spotting. This is what we found:

Layton, New Jersey

Mail Pouch Barn Layton New Jersey

Layton, New Jersey

Layton Store NJ Mail Pouch Ad

Sussex, New Jersey 

Sussex NJ Mail Pouch Barn

This particular barn has what appears to be a DIY mural, but that’s alright. I still love it 🙂

Mail Pouch Barn Sussex New Jersey

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