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Sunday Ride Through Orange County

Sunday Ride Through Orange County

Miles logged: 423
Temps: Upper 50’s low 60s.
Skies: Amazing Blue with white fluffies lazily wandering through.
Riders: The Maharajah, Crudmop & FuzzyG.
Fascinating Sites: Um…Camels pretending to be horses.

I woke up at 6:00. 6:15. 6:45. Alarm goes off.

This was the day that I have been waiting for. For what seems like..forever.

Finally a nice long ride. One where I don’t have to be home at a certain time, or the weather looks iffy or some other such thing that would truncate my day. This day..this day was free and clear.

Date: Saturday March 22, 2003 – 7:15 am

Temperature: 45 degrees.

Mileage: 1817

Rolled out of my garage at 7:15 to meet Kenny at the rest stop on the Expressway. As he pulled in, he took his helmet off with a curious look on. “We won’t be meeting Brian on the Cross Island. His bike was stolen last night.” Oh no. Oh No! What the frick is wrong with people? How can you possibly think its ok to take someon else’s stuff?! For the next 45 minutes of travel to meet up with Myko, this was all I could think about.

Because we did not pit stop to meet Bri at the Cross Island Marina, we arrived at the diner 25 minutes early. How that is possible, I have no idea. The marina is on the way. I think we actually slipped through a tear in the Matrix or something.

Ramapo Forum Diner

Corner of Rt 59 / Airmont Rd. in Suffern, NY

Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon & 2 cups o’ Joe

The perfect breakfast. Truly.

Airmont Rd -> Spook Rock Rd -> 202 -> -> Long Meadow Rd -> 17a & a buggery cop who wrote Mike a speeder. 83 in 55. Total crap. No way he was going that fast. Anywho..

17a -> 94 south -> hang a right at the cemetery and the leaning barn towards Orange County Rt 1 to Pine Island. There are cows on Rt 1 🙂 Cows. Just being. Farms have flooded heavily out here. Kenny actually thought they were all little lakes. Sweeping lefts..rights..no traffic..just us like a big caterpillar snaking along in individual sections but all part of one thread. I see Mike’s headlights in my mirrors. It makes me smile. It’s been quite a long time since they’ve been there. Too long.

Orange County Rt 1 -> OC Rt8 -> quick left onto OC 62. I know that I’ve told him that they really do exist in New Jersey, but we had to show Kenny the Camels. They were laying low. Trying to blend in with the horses, but they didn’t fool us.

62 -> Left on 284 -> right thru Unionville -> bare left onto Unionville Rd (Cowpoo Rd) -> stay right onto 651 -> 23 North thru Colesville, passed Highpoint State Park into Port Jervis & Rt 6 -> left at light on 6 -> stop at Dunkin Donuts. This is Myko’s favorite stop. Why? I have no idea. He doesn’t drink coffee. Doesn’t eat donuts. Yet he LOVES this place. The bathroom is creepy. I hate those drains in the middle of the floor. I know there is a tiny little man in there that videotapes me peeing and sells it on the internet. Or..maybe not.

Off to Hawks Nest.

As we approach some kid who is traveling in the opposite direction, pulls a quick U-ey and tags along with us. We just plugging along at a nice easy pace. We make our way thru what people travel miles and miles to see, the succession of switchbacks along the mountain ledge, u-turn at the end, come back thru and pull off at the overlook. Our 4th wheel follows.

“Heh heh..you guys look like you dressed up like you’re expectin’ ta crash.” Can I throw up now? Really. I muster up all the energy within me to not lash out at him for being a buffoon. I am successful. As the conversation goes on, it’s clear that this kid has been exposed to strictly squidly types who ride around in t-shirts & shorts. Poor thing. Most of the time cats like that learn from experience why gear is a prudent decision. As we discussed the nature of asphalt slides, he inquired about ‘how much those suits cost.’ So, maybe there was s silver lining. Maybe we met him, just to have that conversation. Stranger things have happened.

Shit. My camera battery died.

I felt Kenny’s eyes burn into me when he kid looked at our bikes and said..”Heh heh..she’s got the biggest bike.” Oh boy. I’m a big girl and I can ride it all by myself too! Blah. I asked Myko & Kenny if they were in for ‘the long haul.’ With that they grinned and said ‘Hell Yeah.’ We left him shortly thereafter, making our way north on Rt 97.

97 provided us with un-trafficked sweepers for many delicious miles. Bang a right at the blinker onto Rt55. This duel-y truck keeps spitting sand into my eyes. There is still snow on the ground up here. It’s gotta be about 15 degrees colder under the tree cover. A steady 90mph for miles and miles and miles. Not a car in sight. The sky is blue. Life is grand. I’m feeling at home on my wheels. There are Myko’s headlights again. It makes me smile.

‘Beep-Beep’..’That was awesome..I HAVE TO PEE!’ Kenny’s bladder makes us pit stop. Men. Pfft. 😉 We actually managed to find the only gas station on EARTH that doesn’t have a bathroom, disgusting or otherwise, for public use. We saw a man who could barely walk to his car, with a 40 of beer in a paper bag. He was kinda creepy. Onward thru 55. Um…I didn’t know what frost heave was until like 2 weeks ago..now I know first hand. 1-2-3 of us hit a bump that knocked each of us for a loop. I hate that. I actually took a turn that made my stomach drop. I almost got nauseas. It went around so deep, like a bowl and was tight. I felt like I might go wide at first, but I applied peg pressure and looked where I needed to go and the 996 ate it up.

209 -> 445/55 -> 299 -> Lunch at PJs in New Paltz

The town is FILLED with bikes. Mostly Harleys. There were some kids protesting the war on the roadside. ‘Honk for Peace.’ If we honk…will that work? Hmm. I smelled my burger after burping in my helmet. That’s gross..but true. 🙂

Rt 7 -> Rt 9 -> Rt 52 -> Rt 300 -> Rt 32 -> Rt 107 -> Rt 9W -> Seven lakes drive ALL the way to 17

We split from Myko & take the Thruway 287 to Rt 17 into NJ -> Rt 4

Rt 4 is a traffic nightmare. I feel like my left hand is going to explode. Clutching becomes a chore. Strike that, an exercise in torture. Traffic, traffic, traffic…all the way to the toll plaza of the George Washington Bridge. Some fuckwit tries to knock me off my bike for lane splitting. Oh well.

Don’t be expecting any more potholes in your area. The Cross Bronx has filled Earth’s quota. That could possibly be the most treacherous roadway anywhere.

Okay, see? This is the reason I hate Long Island. TRAFFIC! Too many people and they are ALL on the road at the same time. The LIE is partially closed so everyone on Long Island in on the Northern State. EVERYONE. My hand has died. It seceded from the Union of My Body. Ouch, ouch and furthermore OWWWWWWWWWW!

So far, I think it has taken us about an hour & half to go 25 miles. I still have about 40 to go. Please. Just let the traffic start flowing. And with that…it does. Onward we press. The Expressway is clear sailing. I feel the effects of my bike on my body now as I pass the 400 mile mark. My neck is achy and my clutch hand begs me not to squeeze it. Kenny breaks off at 53. Only 9 exits more for me.

The last mile.

It’s really like 10 miles. My hand knows we’re close. You know kinda like when you have to go to the bathroom and your butt knows its almost home. The last mile is like an emergency. 🙂

There it is.

My street.

My garage.

My laughing daughter.

“How was your day?”


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