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A Visit to Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Got out for a quick 50 mile jaunt today. Temps holding steady at 40. Took a small trip to the Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Apparently, they say the place is haunted. Freezing cold on...


My New Triumph Speed Triple Bellypan

Firstly – Thanks to everyone who has sent me so many nice emails & such. You know, I really smile when i read them. I’m sorry I’m such a pooh when it comes to...


Wyoming – Yellowstone May 20 – May 29

Since returning back from Deal’s Gap last summer, we kicked around what we would do this year for our trip. Romantically, you can fall in love with the road and you just want to go, go, go. Your head gets filled with fanciful ideas of things like, ” Hey, let’s ride across country!” We rolled out of my driveway at 5am on Friday May 20th heading off to points west in Wyoming.