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The Giant Chicken Army Chronicles – New Jersey Edition

Giant Chicken Army. It’s a thing. It’s either that or one rogue bird that keeps following me. And he’s taking the long way ’round because he lies in wait at the places I’m going before I get there. And that makes him a little bit like Chuck Norris AND a psychic. *shudders* I know, gorilla. …

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The Ural Monkey and a Double Chicken Fantasy

The temperature crept up to nearly 70 degrees today. That’s kind of unusual for a November day. You bet your boots I was only too happy to load my monkey Chloe into the Ural and go for a ride. We were heading to Chloe’s favorite comic book shop but she indulged me with a pit …

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What Motorcycles Taught Me About Being a Coward

Throughout the last two decades, there are so many things that motorcycles have taught me about being a coward. There is a lesson in every ride. But it can take time for the meaning to make itself known. Sometimes that lesson is directly related to the act of riding. And others, it transcends the machine. …

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See Rock City Barns

While riding in North Carolina and Tennessee last fall, I saw three See Rock City barns – one of which was entirely serendipitous. Isn’t it funny how that happens? Something becomes of interest to you and it begins to show itself in unexpected places – sometimes on a path which you’ve already trod. Maybe my …

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Tuesday’s Random Roadtrip Thoughts

Some random thoughts that have been lodged in my mind for a few days: I passed several political yard signs that said: Tickle for Judge. As Kenny said, that sounds illegal. But just thinking about the scenarios gave me a giggle. All rise, the honorable Judge Tickle presiding. Passed an oil change shop whose sign …

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